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By gingerwhinger - 05/08/2015 23:24 - United Kingdom - Milton Keynes

Today, an older lady approached me at work and stroked my hair, telling me it was 'beautiful'. This isn't unusual, I'm a natural redhead and octogenarians especially seem to love the colour. However, the unusual part was the glob of snot she left in my hair from her unwashed hands. FML
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I would be creeped out if a stranger stroke my hair.

You and me both. Although there's something about elderly ladies that isn't quite so creepy?

Someone hasn't seen enough horror movie plots. If there's two kinds of people you avoid, it's small children and elderly women. They're most likely to devour your soul.

I have red hair. I can affirm that this happens a lot.

I've been lucky enough to never have anyone stroke mine. I do get told about all kinds of obscure relatives with red hair, though.

Actually the whole snot-on-the-hand thing? Not that unusual for octogenarians lol

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That´s why only a few people are allowed to touch my hair... Most of the time I try to avoid people that don´t ask or even stop them from touching me. Most of them realize that it´s insanly disrespektfull to just touch someones hair without permission. But I had a few huge fights because they thought I was wrong and they simply wanted to touch my hair.... Most of the people I had a fight with, had disgustingly dirty hands. Hope it wont happen to you again like this!

Who has fights about touching someone elses hair?

I hate having my hair touched, too. If someone insisted on trying to touch it after I've told them not to, at the least a verbal assault is warranted.

Ah the hair towel. A favorite of the creep arsenal.

I am so sorry :( I can relate, I have red hair and get the same thing all the time, though I think I would totally freak out if someone left snot in my hair. I don't let people touch it, and now I have even more reason not to.