By Anonymous - 28/12/2017 06:00

Today, I went home with a guy I met at the bar. I warned him that I was on my period, but he said it was fine. Not only was the sex awful, I woke up to find that he'd smeared period blood on my face in the dark. FML
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Not the kind of facial you were expecting, I'm sure.

That blows. Sure that was terrible for you. ?

...Yeah, I think she's pretty sure about this one.

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I wonder if he’s related to the woman who thought period blood cures baldness.

Could anyone who voted "you deserve it" explain why?

it's weird how inviting a stranger into your home to share your bed might go unpleasantly. it's almost as if you don't know them and have no way to predict if they're an asshole or not...count herself lucky she wasn't murdered.

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You are a true warrior now, although your first victim wasn't that great.

That's on you. If you didn't want to get period blood on your face then you shouldn't have have sex. You could have easily said to the guy I'm on my period I don't want to have sex it makes me uncomfortable or some other excuse.

I’m not sure if you know how sex works, but generally you can have period sex without it ending up on your face.

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Davecross, for the record, it is up to the individuals involved if they wish to proceed with sex during menstruation. Nowhere does it say that OP was uncomfortable having sex while on her period. OP was honest with the guy and he said he was fine with it. That's informed consent. I'm hoping it was a misunderstanding rather than intent to prank OP. During sex, certain activities mean getting fluids on different body parts. I'm thinking, in the heat of the moment, the guy may have ended up with blood on his hands and touched OP's face during sex.

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You hope, the only other logical explanation involves mouthwash and the alcoholic’s pledge to never drink again that typically lasts Monday-Friday.

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reality check: periods = high risk for STD infection for both partners. get tested.

They could still have used a condom for that very reason.

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No it doesn't if it increased the risk for stds or other issues you wouldn't have sex while on your period which for most women you get monthly

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Well that's what you get for easy trick