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Today, I finished reading a manga series on a website I go on all the time. As I read the last page I got a huge celebratory message from the website saying I was the first one to read every manga on their site. The website opened in 2011 and has over 30,000 manga. My God, I need a social life. FML
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That's... Sad. But strangely inspiring? There's a hell of a lot of manga I won't read so good on you...? God even manwha?! Some of those are terrible!

That's some serious determination. I admire your patience!


That's... Sad. But strangely inspiring? There's a hell of a lot of manga I won't read so good on you...? God even manwha?! Some of those are terrible!

At least we can ask op for good recommendations since she's read them all

What's more impressive is with the diversity in categories (assuuming you would not read the ones you don't like) it's pretty much the same as saying you like and want to watch every single movie ever produced in Hollywood.

That's some serious determination. I admire your patience!

Ive read every FML despite the lack of badge, and j thought that was a lot

60, you probably missed 1 or 2 then and just haven't seen them ever

#60 You have to vote on them all. I read them all when I first joined in 2010, then I had to go back and vote on them all when the badges came out. Well I didn't HAVE to, but you know, got to get that shiny badge. You have the 50% badge, so you are at least half way there!

I have :( I use the 'only ones I haven't read' filter and it comes up as invalid, so I don't see how I've missed any

It did that to me too. I was so frustrated because it had taken me forever to get there (and this was years ago, there are far more now). I kept on pressing the 'random' button and voting on the ones that came up, even though I knew I had voted on them before. Then suddenly that wonderful notification came up. I don't know if you are on mobile or computer, but try both if you can. It does time you out so you have a limit on how many you can vote on at a time, so don't rush through a page. Also maybe try logging out and logging in again. If it keeps on playing silly buggers with you, message a Moderator and see if they can help. You are so close, and it's the hardest achievement! I'm sure they can help you.

Ah I've always used my phone that might be the problem I guess. I'll try the full website at some point

Please try. I'm going to stalk your account until you get that badge.

I'm pretty sure that they already established that

that's both sad... and impressive! lol. I like watching anime a lot more than reading the manga myself. But hey if you enjoyed it, it's time well spent!

30 000 in 5 years or 6 000 per year or 500 per month so 125 in a week! Nice ratio.

Nice to see accurate mathematics performed. But damn, 125/week? Just... How?? That's about 17-18 a day. I don't even have that much time to watch my favorite cat videos on YouTube.

Maybe Op is young and reads during their free-time? And yes 17/18 mangas is quite a good amount (when I was young I could finish 6 books max per month ). Op needs to tell us.

You've got to remember a lot of those are going to be one-shots...

So, I ran the numbers. Assuming the website was running for exactly five years, there was a leap year in 2012, and OP didn't miss a single day, that would average out to about 16.4 manga(s?) per day. Damn, OP! How could you possibly have that much time on your hands?!

If it's online then it's super easy to read really quickly since it shouldn't be inhibited by cost. Those books add up fast. I finished NGE in about 3 weeks or so working around school and such. And if you read quickly any then it's really simple to power through a whole bunch of books in a relatively short time.

Maybe the website includes title page clicks as reads? Like perhaps OP has technically clicked on 30,000 mangas but hasn't read through all of them. I mean, the site probably contains everything from one-shots to 20-50 chapters to long-running series which aren't even closed to concluding. The logistics on this one are just too implausible :/ .

There's also a lot of axed titles after a couple chapters on those sites too.

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I finally found you Mangapedia. On a side note, manga and anime are the best way to scape reality hence social life. You spent your life right.