By whatjusthappened - 20/12/2013 08:45 - United States - Federal Way

Today, a man started a deep conversation with me at the bus stop about life, death, and the miracles of things we take for granted every day. I was really enjoying it until he looked at his watch and said, "Oh shit, mushrooms make me lose track of time!" and ran off into the night. FML
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For some reason "ran off into the night" cracked me up. It just makes it seem that it was a mythic creature that you're not sure if you really saw or not


CallMeMcFeelii 13

Mushrooms aren't "drugs", and they bring on more enlightenment then you could ever imagine. That stuff changes lives, it's a quite magical experience. I've never heard of someone who turned into a "druggie" by partaking in a mushroom trip. It's not like they turn into a dirty fiend.

drug: is defined as anything that alters physical or chemical functions of the body. so the chemical psilocybin, which alters the chemical balance of the brain from operating in a normal function, would make it a drug. if caffeine and asprin are drugs, so are freaking shrooms.

By that definition sugar is a drug. So I guess we're pretty much all druggies.

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Is mayonnaise in an instrument though

CallMeMcFeelii 13

I didn't mean drugs by definition, I meant drugs by association. Street substances like crack cocaine and heroin are what people associate the word "drug" with, not medicine. But yes, by definition they are, you are correct. Now druggies, who the **** uses that word anyway!? You have your fiends, you have your recreational(non-habitual) users, and you have the village people(no offense). Just because someone wanted to perceive the world in an entirely new light does not make them scum bags.

I don't see why this is an FML, you shouldn't throw out that whole conversation just because he was trippin'.

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It saddens me your comment was moderated, 61..

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Well put #52 on both of your comments!!

#1 mushrooms are a drug I know, but I don't think they should e classed as a drug. Makes you see and think about everything in a diffrent way. It'll take a dull mind and make it bright! This isn't a FML you enjoyed the convo, who cares if he was tripping?? YDI for being closed minded

I'm sorry but I have to share... I tried mushrooms once... I tried texting and my hand got sucked in my phone and I swear I couldn't get it out. That wasn't enlightenment for me that was pure horror!

the only person asking the real question here!!

You interpreted the conversation the way you like as long as it gave you something to think about it is enough isn't it!

Your username accurately describes your comment.


7, the saddest part about this is that this is literally the fourth time I've seen a person make that exact comment about this guy's username. So this guy regularly makes terrible comments.

It makes sense, it just needs punctuation.

15- Sadly this is like the fourth time I've seen you contribute nothing more than nagging other commenters, in the vain pursuit of attention. Perhaps your name should be SHAMUS_THE_SHITHEAD Y'know, that /does/ have a nice ring to it.

I agree, it was a solid comment with weak punctuation. The comment itself was a good one!

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Well you obviously have to sue him.

Yes that's obviously what OP should do.

Yes he absolutely FORCED op to have a pleasant conversation.

Hey, his mind was creative while he was on them. Welcome to the world of artists and musicians alike. Don't doubt dem shrooms.

I hope you learned something from this conversation, chiefly that hallucinogens are bad.

Didn't sound like he said anything bad, given as OP said she enjoyed it.

CallMeMcFeelii 13

That's a pretty damn stupid thing to say. He was just talking haha. He wasn't running around naked with a butcher knife, he was having a genuine conversation. I know, I know, talking to people nowadays is one helluva bad thing and we all should stick to Facebook posts and twitter. Shame on you, thought provoking man, shame on you. I seriously hope you were being sarcastic, but I doubt it.

For some reason "ran off into the night" cracked me up. It just makes it seem that it was a mythic creature that you're not sure if you really saw or not

HeadlessSparrow 20

Plot twist: OP was actually on shrooms and imagining this

The idea of this being a complete illusion makes it seem way better. Did this man happen to have animalistic features? Horse head.... Wings...

10, finally, a plot twist on FML that didn't ruin something.

Well he may or may not have had a clear picture of life at that moment!!

Im not sure why this is an 'fml'. it's not like he harmed you in any way. sounds more like a funny story to tell your friends. Good imagery at the end there too.

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All it matters is that you were enjoying the conversation...