By expassword - 17/12/2010 00:20 - United States

Today, I asked my wife for her computer password because my computer crashed. After minutes of begging she finally told me. Turns out that her password happens to be her ex's name. FML
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Why wouldn't she just type in the password herself? FYL though. You should talk to her about that :/

Her PW is Impotent Mother Fucker?


Why wouldn't she just type in the password herself? FYL though. You should talk to her about that :/

pwincessa23 1

maybe they were on the phone. op it's not that bad...

I_R_Genius 3

Sorry but YDI for not talking to your wife about this. It can become a serious problem and even a doctor can't help you. (Not even Doc Bastard). But, if you talk to her about what she still thinks of her ex then it may work out.

Too bad, my password is ilovefamilyguy

Chubby_Cha5er 0

You know some idiot is going To go ahead and try and you that on your account now lol

that was the plan :)

laxgirl17 5

Maybe she wants the marriage based on truth AKA a divorce.

I_R_Genius, I'm disappointed in you. Don't you know that all doctors are gods, especially surgeons! We can do ANYTHING! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! ahem...right. Actually, I can't fix stupid.

to bad doc, for a minute there I had hope.

infamousego 0

hey doc fuck you. your a stupid simple bastard.

hellogoodbye1996 6

why does a married couple need to hide anything anyways.

lol that's normal.

obviously she's hiding something. her password is her ex's name and why does she even have a password?

It all depends on whether it is a laptop which she takes to work. I don't know, that might be it.

deliciouscake 3

17 it's because she keeps private sexual encounter logs, boring journal notes, gay porn and naked pictures of herself on there. All women are like this. life. talk to me about life.

It could be normal. She might have set it while they were together and got used to that being the password so she never changed it. My password is the singer from a band I liked in 7th grade. I don't like them now but still use the password for most accounts.

Her PW is Impotent Mother Fucker?

tyhod123 4

haha yeah!

schwancy 2

Let it happen.

i would let myself happen to you.

Yes, I'm sure Schwancy is simply salivating over a guy who calls himself "muffpuncher." You're very slick, my man.

thats right dude, slick. like sand paper. at least im straight and to the point. im sure youre very debonaire and mysterious. docproctologist, go stuff yourself somewhere.

And how's that working out for you there, friend? My wife seems to think I'm very dashing. Anything else?

flodezie 0

hey schwancy anyone ever tell u, u look like Alyssa Milano with blonde hair..I mean that as a compliment btw.. :)

maybe she was too lazy to change it?

she probably doesn't know how to change it.

She may not have been able to.

she secretly fucks her ex hubby over you! lol! sucks to be ya

Oh no! She must be cheating on you because her password is her ex's name! Isn't jumping to conclusions fun?!

Umm, didn't see the OP jump to that conclusion. Isn't jumping to conclusions fun!?

Hey! Don't joke about jumping to conclusions! It's serious business. I dislocated my knee doing that...

lol, office space reference?

maybe she figured no one will ever guess it. it's just a password :)

It does make sense. Who would make their spouse's name his/her password? No one would guess it to be the name of an ex.

White_Fury 0

What do you mean "happens to be"? Time to break it off OP. That girl is no good. Welcome her to pwn town with your fists. Then tell her it "it just happened". :)

Dude trust me, it'd hurt her more if it had something to do with jewelry or some girly thing

u be fiiiiiiiine

it's just a password but it still sucks to find out your girlfriend has her ex's name as her password

ignorance iratates me. try reading. it was his wife.

Ninjafriends 1

It irritates me, too.

thirdtesticle 0

Haha, nailed it #56.