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  I_R_Genius  |  3

Sorry but YDI for not talking to your wife about this. It can become a serious problem and even a doctor can't help you. (Not even Doc Bastard). But, if you talk to her about what she still thinks of her ex then it may work out.

  DocBastard  |  38

I_R_Genius, I'm disappointed in you. Don't you know that all doctors are gods, especially surgeons! We can do ANYTHING! AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA! ahem...right.

Actually, I can't fix stupid.

  deliciouscake  |  3

17 it's because she keeps private sexual encounter logs, boring journal notes, gay porn and naked pictures of herself on there. All women are like this.

life. talk to me about life.


It could be normal. She might have set it while they were together and got used to that being the password so she never changed it. My password is the singer from a band I liked in 7th grade. I don't like them now but still use the password for most accounts.

  muffpuncher  |  0

thats right dude, slick. like sand paper. at least im straight and to the point. im sure youre very debonaire and mysterious. docproctologist, go stuff yourself somewhere.

By  White_Fury  |  0

What do you mean "happens to be"? Time to break it off OP. That girl is no good. Welcome her to pwn town with your fists. Then tell her it "it just happened". :)