By CP19JK12KH - United States
Today, I had a rare phone call from my ex-girlfriend. We ended up talking for hours about old times. It was the best conversation we have had in forever, it made me miss her and miss us. Later on in the day, she called back asking what we talked about. She was too high too remember. FML
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By  Entity4Infinity  |  0

i hate unwanted calls from people who are high or drunk ... if u love her maybe theres hope but .... i dont think shes worth it if shes out getting high... bad judgment errors there.

  lenasaur  |  0

if we are talking about weed here, theres nothing wrong with getting high... the only thing that sucks about this FML is that although they obviously connected, she no longer remembers, but he does.

By  Lesbier  |  0

People who are high love everyone, or hate everyone. This time around she was a lover but don't fall for that bullshit. She could have just as much came over as called while high (if you live in the same town) and eatten half your fridge then told you to fuck off.
Friend of mine only loved me for my cheesecake when she get high one day. was hateful the moment she ate the last piece.

  Malinkrot  |  3

aww, cute, a widdle high schooler fresh out of DARE class on a mission to tell everyone that weed is bad...while he hides from his drunk dad who is beating the wife for undercooking the roast. ah, America.

  zakkyzebra  |  11

Lmfao!!! illegal cuz its bad?? Seriously? It's only illegal cuz Mexicans came to America with it and they wanted them out. So they used that as a reason to deport them