By Anonymous - 21/06/2014 19:57 - Australia

Today, I stubbed the same toe three times in fifteen minutes. How? My sister moved most of the furniture in the house to the left by a few inches, because she thought it would be funny to watch me get confused and suffer. FML
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1dvs_bstd 41

It's simple, we kill the bitch.

Your sister is an evil genius


1dvs_bstd 41

It's simple, we kill the bitch.


Why would you need to kill someone for doing some stupid prank?

It was a joke based on his profile picture. Obviously...

Obviously some of the people replying missed the dripping sarcasm in that comment.

1dvs_bstd 41

#18 If they don't understand your comment, they can't just move on, it's a mandatory automatic thumbs down. And they want everything to be in FML's comment pattern. I think they expected a "your sister is a jerk" comment. #22 I think a font for sarcasm needs to be invented.

incoherentrmblr 21

...and the bitch, is Batgirl...

Im thinking italics might work

There's such thing as a "Sarcmark" which is recognized as the punctuation mark for sarcasm, though it's not widely used due to a copyright. I think either italics or putting one of these; "~", at the end of sarcasm, is the best bet to end internet miscommunication.

My personal preference is (sarcasm) insert sarcastic words (/sarcasm). Even the most dense of people will understand that...

Vanshikap 24

your profile picture is incredibly appropriate...and slightly scary.

I thought it was an 'Orange is the New Black' reference

Guys the first comment WASNT SARCASM no one on fml understands what the word sarcasm means and it's actually driving me insane. what he said was a joke. sarcasm is where you mean the opposite of what you say in a condescending manner. seriously everyone needs to stop throwing the word around like pretentious douchebags. sorry.

eg: sarcasm would be something like "what a lovely human being" or "she must be fun to live with"

All of you look like complete morons, acting like you're any smarter than the trolls who fuel your rage.

I hope you someday realize the fallacy of what you've said here. At least you didn't use ""literally" insane", but still.. I'm almost willing to say that your last comment was ironic too, as long as you haven't realized the ridiculousness of it, it may well be.

Ok I get I sounded pretty pretentious.. i take that back. but why is no one else annoyed by this? and how come my second comment was down voted? (like, just out of curiosity)... how come it's not ok to make grammatical and spelling errors yet half of fml users are using the word "sarcasm" in the wrong context when trying to act like a smartass and then they get up voted, when they look like a serious dumbass. is there actually no one else who is annoyed by that? I'm genuinely confused. or does the US have a different definition for "sarcasm"?

hold on... do you think I'm wrong? its definitely not sarcasm. it's exaggeration. There's a really big difference. There isn't even a hint of irony in his comment? A friend of mine once said the difference between American humour and Australian (or british) humour is that Americans don't understand sarcasm. We think sarcasm and dark irony are funny and Americans think exaggeration is funny. And each to their own, of course. I can't believe how right she was though.

ShadowlessSpear 21

Take a pill dude. Calm. Down.

Your sister is an evil genius

aleahlioness 15

I'm surprised OP didn't take more care at least after the second toe stubbing, though..

SkyGuy32 17

It's from a tumblr post. She wouldn't need to be a genius, she just would've needed to see the tumblr post in which someone did the same thing when his or her parents were out of town and the parents couldn't figure out what they did.

MzZombicidal 36

#77 it was a few inches. You don't really notice that unless you're super anal about where all of your stuff and furniture is. Even then, if everything's moved by that much, it could look pretty normal.

I was going to mention that but I guess you beat me to it!

That is a great idea... Hope your toe is okay!

I live in a house of Lego always watch your footing. unless its dark.

Oh sibling pranks, it's been a lot quieter around my house since my sister went to college

I thought for a second you were going to say when she died.

"I call it 'two inches to the left'" hahaha

FUCK YES. Was looking for this comment. Now let's get thumbed down by the people who didn't watch enough of That '70s Show. *high fives #6*

#45 Hahah I was very surprised no one had said this yet!! We rule!

thehouseisonfire 8

She's a real back stubber

Well I guess she is a *puts on sun glasses* *says in anti joke voice* the devil *runs away because joke makes no sense and becomes potatoe*

that doesn't even make sense

Don't cross the memes.

*ignores the lame joke* You misspelled potato.

much funny way hilarious much applause

she is a the devil? alright..

cosmicriver 17

That makes complete sense to me. I am not being sarcastic. Good one, my friend.

threer 30

.. Omg so quirky lolz!!! /s .-.

Not an evil step sister by any chance?

I wonder if his sisters name is Megan

Anytime I hear the name Megan I have to stop myself from telling them to shut up. Thanks family guy.

wrong Megan, wrong show

I think he means another show.

there is no Megan in family guy, meg's full name is megatron

I'm pretty sure you could still successfully walk if the furniture was moved a couple inches

well, if you're used to gliding by every piece of furniture in the house, you don't really account for tiny changes and end up bumping into stuff.

RedPillSucks 31

Sorry, I'm with #11 here. I don't see how a couple of inches would make a difference unless you're blind and are expecting everything to be just so. It's not hard to see where the furniture is and not bump into it.

If you've lived in a house with the furniture in a certain position for a long time your mind automatically clicks to where the items are positioned. A few inches can make a lot of difference when trying to walk around and avoid bumping into objects, especially at night time. If your brain has learnt where objects are in the house and you can walk around and avoid them at night due to memory of where the item is and it's moved a few inches it can cause problems. It's happened to me in the past. If the items were moved to a completely new place where it's very very obvious to OP that they have been moved, that's a different story but they've only been moved a few inches. You'll understand when it happens to you

Yeah, siding with 11 too. Unless you're blind this shouldn't have caused a problem. After the first time I stub my toe, I start to watch out. Even before that point, don't you know to watch where you're walking? This plan should only have worked at night. This one could be a YDI in my book.

I agree with 11 and 68, unless OP is blind or is in the dark there should be no reason to keep hitting the furniture. You still see the furniture and move around it. I think it's a YDI

You down voters are so rude! I'm going to come to all your houses and move your furniture slightly to the right! None of you seem to understand to look where you walk, so it should be a highly effective plot.

100% with #11 here. If the furniture was all moved to the left then you would be fine. If you're sitting on the couch (which has been moved) and you stand up, you're already 3 inches to the left so it won't make a difference.

Totally agree with #11. If you can see, then this is entirely your own fault. Whose furniture is in the exact same place constantly anyway? Surely at least things like chairs move slightly (unless they're bolted to the floor), and I presume you don't walk into them everyday