By Anonymous - 21/06/2014 15:15 - United States - Boulder

Today, I heard my husband say from outside, "Seriously Dan, what could go wrong?" This was followed a few seconds later by a bang and screaming. Turns out he'd tried to smash his head through a wooden plank like a martial artist and failed. He ended up with splinters and a concussion. FML
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Behind every man, there is a woman rolling her eyes.

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aleahlioness 15
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I think we can assume that OP's husband is handsome, because she obviously didn't marry him for his brains.

#10 he could've been smart and just decided to try something.

#10 or rich, although how someone that silly could get rich is beyond me. Then again, you have to take risks to make big money, maybe his impulsive nature is part of his success

incoherentrmblr 21

Did he at least crack the wood?...

#29 Ever seen Forrest Gump? Its quite possible

Behind every man, there is a woman rolling her eyes.

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And if they roll back into their head, the man might be in the Exorcist

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"And that's the way the cookie crumbles!"

Ugh I hate your profile picture #21. I thought there was something on my screen.

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It's what's on the inside, not the body or appearance or particularily hated profile pictures.

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Why are fmls always funnier when actual names are involved? lol

Why is anything funnier when it starts off "..What could go wrong.."

"What could go wrong..." Famous last words

"What could go wrong?" Usually precedes a tragic accident or a massive amount of stupidity.

the same applies to "here hold my beer and watch this!"

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What could go wrong & we'll figure it out are the two worst phrases ever lol

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agreed.. she really should have checked on him as soon as she heard him say it.

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In a tie with the other famous last words of a moron "Hey guys! Watch this!"

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I think Dan is OP's husbands name and he was trying to encourage himself to smash his head on the wooden plank

Seriously? Are you sure you didn't try the same stunt at some point in your life?

Plot twist: Dan is OP's Husband's imaginary friend egging him on to do stupid things

#13 I read it as Dan being OP's husband's friend, who he was trying to convince nothing could go wrong. Before things went wrong lol

#5 Obviously OP's husband is SpongeBob with that being said we can imply that the other one is Patrick and he IS Dirty Dan.

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Shit you sound like a jealous controlling girlfriend

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... is the video on youtube by chance?

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Instead of giving a karate chop, he became a karate chump.

I can't decide whether he's a big ham or a bigger hammer.

I'm sure we've all done something reckless without thinking of the repercussions..

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and that kids is how you all got here! Such nice surprises! Or accidents. Meh, semantics.

In this case, reperconcussions! no? okay. I'll go away

The funny thing is op's husband apparently tried to think out the repercussions and couldn't find any. "What could go wrong?" Lol

You should probably start worrying when someone says "What could go wrong"