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Today, I got to explain to my co-worker again why I can't move my "vacation" so she can take hers when she wants. Apparently, in her mind, her seniority at the company trumps my due date. FML
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sulitak tells us more.

1. It did take work to get pregnant. 2. I put in for my leave as soon as I found out. It has been on the schedule for 5 months already. 3. She is the SAME position as me, not my superior. She has just held a position at the company for longer. Though, even if it was a vacation for vacation thing, I would still have priority through our company's rules. Seniority get priority to a point. Low man on the totem pole can request days off, then it gets put on the calendar, everyone above them has a month to "override" those days. If it stands for a month with no objections, low man gets their vacation.

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JoeGrant 12

Tell her to **** off. It's crazy how people have no respect for others.

It's kinda disheartening that this comes from a woman...


JoeGrant 12

Tell her to **** off. It's crazy how people have no respect for others.

I agree! how stupid is she to not get that :/

inkdeath87 18

I agree. She's obviously a self-centered bitch. She shouldn't act that way just because she has seniority. BUT CONGRATS ON THE BABY!

she can go screw herself. her demands mean nothing. congrats on the baby OP!

Reihna_fml 14

Your co-worker is in her own private oblivion and unaware that there are people in the world who have things to do other than cater to her whims. Ignore her, and don't sweat it. She is a special kind of dumbass.

pinguino3669_fml 23

True. Once you're an experienced oaf at a company, people HAVE to pay more attention to what he/she wants....or else their job might be on the line :/

Yes, and telling her to **** off really is living by your own example... (I do agree with you, but telling her to **** off is just as lacking in respect as telling a pregnant woman to hold it in another week.)

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Damian95 16

The nerve of some people. I mean its not like a function that a woman has close to no control over or anything. OP should be more considerate about giving birth to a child. RIdiculous.

#23 You do realize OP is the one that is pregnant, right? Your comment is quite confusing.

SumBur 11

It wasn't confusing if you understand sarcasm.

I was waiting for someone to take 23 seriously

SumBur 11

You didn't have to wait very long.

ChuckSwayze 4

C'mon guys, slow it down. You know #49 is kinda *whispers* slow. Be considerate of others' lack of intellect

It's kinda disheartening that this comes from a woman...

myoukei 31

It's kind of disheartening that this comes from what was supposedly a sentient being :/

So if this had been a guy it would be fine?

Most women would understand the terms of a due date and so it's odd to hear that another woman was so ignorant on the matter.

Ins0mau 20

I don't know why it should make any more sense coming from a man. It's not rocket science. And we aren't all THAT stupid. :-p

Kn0wledge123 21

How dare you propagate the species!

Well who is? I sure am not going to let that coworker have children.

Nolimit2217 32

Sounds like ignorance is a big part of her life!

Tell her that you'll consider it if you can have it on her bed while she is gone.

Wowxoxo 17

Bed? She'll have that baby at work, on that bitch's desk!

blood an poo on the co-worker's bed is better then on her desk imo

Don't do it at her desk, she'll use her seniority to switch desks with you. And with the bed she may be due for a new mattress anyway. Give birth in her car, preferably using the driver's seat somehow.

You can have your baby at any time, she only gets one vacation. God! you're so inconsiderate op...

Wow she sounds like an inconsiderate bitch! But congrats on the pregnancy :)

Like her vacation is more important than ur baby? Sorry u have to work with someone like that OP:(

perdix 29

Due dates are a rough estimate -- they can be several weeks off. She's put in the years of hard work to earn the seniority to get perks like first pick of vacation days. All you did was get ******. Back off and hope for the best.