By Anonymous / Friday 17 September 2010 11:36 / United States
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  DeesFMLs  |  0

I love doing tht to people haha it's funny lol

  mooshibear140  |  4

Sounds like something I would pretend I'm going to do to scare the shit out of my friends by making them think I'm gonna do it, but not really do it in the end. :)

  MissErikaHart  |  0

oh yea and ur just a regular fuckin comedian aren't u? when u said the shit about curb stomping was that supposed to b funny? cuz if u were trying to b funny there then I would say that was a "bad joke" so were u serious? u know ur big words and long drawn out explanations make u look like a total loser. I don't think anyone is impressed. and if that's just how u talk than IMO u talk like a Fag

  bbobe900000  |  0

#26 It was ALREADY BROKEN YOU IDIOT. OP, I hope that you are no longer friends with that dipshit and I hope that he gets killed. Brainless fucking idiots like that should not be on this earth.

  Kurg  |  0

jeez what an asshole what has the world come to today? "Friends" are now the people who hurt you and play pranks on you just to be funny or see what happens

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