By screwedfortheweek - United States
Today, I started a new job. After being trained on several obscure computer programs I'm expected to use in just one day, my new boss informed me she's going on a week long vacation starting tomorrow. She's the only other person who knows how this program runs. FML
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  cprad11  |  12

If you've ever tried to "learn" a complex computer program without any help, you'd know that OP won't consider his boss's absence a learning opportunity. He wouldn't have submitted an FML post if he felt that way.

  Lalala579121  |  27

This isn't the old days where people were only able to learn things in person. We now have plenty of resources just a few keystrokes away that can aid us with learning various things. If OP has a question on how to do a specific thing, as it seems she has already been at least taught the basics, chances are someone else has had that same question and asked it on some tech forum somewhere.

  lrh11  |  14

Ive tried to do that at my job. The problem is,there are so many variations of programs and tasks that could be very close together that it's difficult to find help on the Internet. I've followed the exact instructions for how to make a pivot table on excel and it didn't work. I asked one of my managers and they gave me completely different instructions that did work. And I'm sure OP is dealing with systems more complex than excel lol

By  aruden  |  25

Challenge accepted... while your boss is gone just play around on it, you will probably figure it out you have a week before she gets back. Good luck

  TheNewGuy03  |  28

Not everything is Googlable (new adjective?).

If it is, or there's a readme, then good for OP, but if it isn't something that can be researched, then it can be a shot in the dark. I've run into related scenarios in which people would run in from other departments demanding things that I have never heard of.

I wish OP good luck! :D