Please love me

By shite - 10/01/2014 21:46 - United Kingdom

Today, it was my first day at my new job. Not only does everyone hate me for replacing a guy they all liked, I managed to clog the only functional toilet there. The glares and threatening head-shaking they keep doing probably means I'm screwed. FML
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Clog that toilet every single day and show them who's in control

I guess there's only a few options left, quit or man up and unclog the toilet.


shouldn't of ate those tacos!

thanks spelig iz emportant

that wasn't just any taco, that was my cousin he ate!!!!

She corrected yor grammar not spelling

Grammar are important so thanks four doing that

Yey for first impressions!

It will get better!

Or could get shittier

yeah probably that

Must've scared him shitless haha

I guess you had a shitty d- *slap*. We have had enough of the those comments. Its. Done. Its. Over. Never say those words again.

#63 what's ironic about your comment is that that particular comment about 'oh stop shitty situation jokes' will get down voted for being old too.

I think OP replaced Jordan Belfort.

I guess there's only a few options left, quit or man up and unclog the toilet.

Clog that toilet every single day and show them who's in control

That would lead to his death, but he would die a man.

How do you clog a toilet at a workplace? I mean those things suction the crap out of the toilet...literally!

Well, "workplace" could mean just about anywhere, with any kind of plumbing.

crappy toilet!!!!!

Some guys at my work will fill the toilet up with toilet paper and it clogs.

Unclog the toilet and gain trust with them. Maybe you can be the new man they all like! :D

Just letting them know you mean business.

For your career's sake, you should probably bring a personal litter box. You might survive if you have an office, but if you're in a cubicle, your neighbors will not tolerate the smell and the scratching.

Solution: adult diapers. My coworkers never complain.

I just pictured a coworker walking by their desk while he is squatting in a little box taking a shit. I would love to see that on the news.

Maybe OP should poop in his desk drawer so people don't notice. Also to disguise the poop he should grow some lovely vegetables with the new fertilizer. OP's fresh salads will win the hearts of his coworkers.

#70, and the E. coli will kill them off, so everyone who remembers the previous guy will die off. Brilliant!

Bring in a cake for everyone. Cake fixes everything. Except the toilet, might want to get a plunger for that. Mmmmmmm, cake.

Unclog the toilet, and lace the cake with a laxative. Once someone else clogs the toilet, you two will have something in common, aside from both being hated by your coworkers! You'll become fast friends!

Don't listen to him!!!!!!!! ..the cake is a lie....