By supertango500 - 11/03/2013 18:56 - United States

Today, I figured I needed to clean my room. I ended up finding my $135 calculator that I'd accused my ex-boyfriend of selling for gas money. That's also the reason I dumped him. FML
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Looks like you owe someone a huge apology



KingCeltic77 18

That's my line.

SwaggCapone 11

YDI op for being a douche

proofs thinking before acting is a good tactic.

Hang on... something doesn't quite add up here.

It's a sine, OP.

Unless OP's boyfriend stole from her before, she was too quick to accuse. Sadly, he could have been the best boyfriend she'll ever have. That's usually the case.

Did anyone else read it in the guy from that 70's show's voice?

death943 10

Op seems to have sum problems and it really did cos her relationship. The tables are now turned.

Yeah OP, why would you accuse if you haven't looked for it?

random_person243 14

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Looks like you owe someone a huge apology

I don't think OP's boyfriend, if he's in the right mind, will accept the apology. I mean, she called him a thief and dumped him before even bothering to look for her thing. that's a worrisome behavior...

He might accept her apology but not take her back, in which, I don't blame him.

This has YDI written all over it... Like way to "trust" the person that you're supposed to love. And even if it went missing, do you know how many times I've lost mine and them find it two months later in the most random-ass place? Even if he had taken it, break up, really? At least the guy dodged a bullet with you. God forbid, something of true value would've gotten lost, the poor guy might've been in prison..

BigShOtz07 5

Well, there is no relationship without trust, so maybe it was the best for both of you.

When you can't trust someone because you trust yourself too much? I think the problem is an internal one. OP deserves shit.

fishstick557 14

Really seems like her relationship was based off of a material object... Material objects can't replace loved ones OP ydi

KingCeltic77 18

You should've checked first. You shouldn't be making accusations that you can't back up.

I can't even imagine the stupidity on your part. "Yeah I think he stole my shit so I'm gonna break up with him". Somewhere I just feel you were looking for an excuse to dump his ass.

enormouselephant 15

There's a good chance it's happened before, which led OP to this conclusion.

A fine example of why you should: -Not jump to conclusions -Tidy your shit

The shit doesn't necessarily have to be tidy, mine isn't, and I know where most things are, or at least the general area in which they can be found :)

Pleonasm, you should've capitalized the TI, punmaster :'(

How did you leave out that she is a calculating bitch....? (Maybe it was too far below you pun standard. Hope I didn't press your buttons by taking that pun)

Don't jump to conclusions next time. :/

eaglerob 20

Messy, messy, messy

Meenah_fml 4

Here's where it all finally starts to add up.

I see what you did there...