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  AKGirlinSD  |  20

Unless OP's boyfriend stole from her before, she was too quick to accuse. Sadly, he could have been the best boyfriend she'll ever have. That's usually the case.

By  random_person243  |  14

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  eksyneet  |  23

I don't think OP's boyfriend, if he's in the right mind, will accept the apology. I mean, she called him a thief and dumped him before even bothering to look for her thing. that's a worrisome behavior...

  MoodyBlue320  |  11

This has YDI written all over it... Like way to "trust" the person that you're supposed to love. And even if it went missing, do you know how many times I've lost mine and them find it two months later in the most random-ass place? Even if he had taken it, break up, really? At least the guy dodged a bullet with you. God forbid, something of true value would've gotten lost, the poor guy might've been in prison..

By  CheeseHater  |  23

I can't even imagine the stupidity on your part. "Yeah I think he stole my shit so I'm gonna break up with him". Somewhere I just feel you were looking for an excuse to dump his ass.

  yeti37  |  16

How did you leave out that she is a calculating bitch....?

(Maybe it was too far below you pun standard. Hope I didn't press your buttons by taking that pun)