By themonkeyman - United States
Today, I started my job as a waiter. I was excited when my first customer paid for the bill. I go over to the table, half-expecting a tip. I got to the table and no money was on the table. On the bottom receipt was written: "Ever heard of deodorant?" Apparently I smell bad. Thanks for the tip. FML
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  Quietcannon  |  0

People who don't tip are dicks. The service has to be pretty bad. As in, the waitress never brought you your drinks, or food and then went to the bathroom to do a crack line off the toilet seat instead.(Yes, this has happened to me at a Steak N' Shake. Didn't get a comped meal or anything for it.) Otherwise, 10-15% honestly should be expected. These people are giving you a service, you should be grateful. Servers are only paid half of minimum wage because they make the rest on tips, you know.

As for OP, sucks to be you, but at least you have a job. Think of how many people can't find one right now.

  AmeOwl  |  0

No matter what, your waiter has to pay a busser, so when you don't tip your waiter actually has to PAY for your meal. Someone having BO isn't a good enough reason for them to have to pay for giving you service.

  muichini  |  0

15% normally cept for this one time I gave a girl a 50% my bf and I were at a coney place and the girl had dark circles and ended up messing some stuff up. (it was during college finals too) and just stood there when we told her, and just looked down and said 'shit' then got our order right. I felt bad and she gave us a laugh so we left her at 10$ tip to be nice. we came back a month later she waited on us again and said thanks and explained she was an ap student and was studying non stop and she was having a bad day.

  AmbrosiaFan  |  18

I totally agree, nobody anywhere should ever ever expect tips (this is coming from me, a person who generally tips, unless service is horrid or nonexistent). Tips are never mandatory (the very definition of gratuity indicates that!).

Get used to the fact not everyone will be giving you a tip, a good tip, a great tip, or whatever is the norm these days (20%). Do your job above and beyond WITHOUT EXPECTING A TIP.

And wear deodorant. Bring one with you and use it frequently.


It's simple economics. If people stopped to give tips (except for exceptional service), then the waiters would earn less. That in turn would lead to less people willing to put up with the job, which in turn would lead to higher wage for waiters so they would no more be dependant on tips.

And yes, I do give tips, but I live in a country where tips are not expected and just a showing of good will.

Also, for all you "be gratefull for the service", when was the last time you tipped a bus driver or the cleaning lady or the cook or anyone else who gives you a service and isn't a waiter?



ugh yeah we get it blah blah blah the op is whiny, the op should be grateful, you have it SO MUCH HARDER than the op, etc... If you don't like people complaining, why the fuck do you come to a website where the only purpose is to complain? And getting a Mentos IS a shitty tip, but you are probably so terrible that a Mentos would be the only tip you ever got. Once you become a grown up and get out into the real world, you will learn that the world isn't a Trident Layers commercial and you cant get paid in candy if you want to survive.

I don't feel bad for the smelly OP though, no one likes being near gross people.


Redundant: repetition of the same sense using different words.

Redundant DOES NOT mean what over half of you think it does. If you want to sound smart, try knowing what a word means before you use it.

By  603050294  |  0

At least your first customer was candid. Now did you take a moment to go freshen up, or did you spend the rest of the shift treating your customers to unpleasant odors?

By  dedcircuit  |  0

Part of being a waiter is making the dining experience comfortable for the customer. If you don't bother to wash up enough to not smell bad, you aren't doing a good enough job to earn your tip.