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By everyonewasstaring - 22/12/2009 23:32 - United Kingdom

Today, I was shopping in a packed store when I started to feel faint. Since I was quite far along in the queue, I tried to hold out until I reached the front of the queue. Good news: I succeeded. Bad news: I then fainted at the counter, hit my nose, and shit myself. FML
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@7 your picture is simply disgusting

opsyOp 1

not anymore;)


ahaha that blows. *insert witty remark here*

Actually, that's not really witty. Such a wisecrack is simply calisthenics with words. It's still kinda funny though. @OP: Wopz. You need to learn priorities. Take this as a lesson in which ones you should consider first.

At least you didn't get raped

AbscenceOfLuck 0

Was it a seizure?

no you are not first @2

you are not first either @3 p.s. that sucks!

popatia 0

3 rd isn't first either.

oh god, that gives an AMAZING picture in my head. srsly.

bitsy123biscuit 0

lol @ #7. same here xD

@7 your picture is simply disgusting

Wait, let me guess. Too soon?

renaet 0

No not too soon. Just not ****** funny at all >:[

agreed. you suck #7

Any asshole who thinks it's appropriate to joke about that is deserving of all the wrath we can throw at you. And amy98345893? Yes. It's too f-ing soon. In 50 or 500 years, it will still be "too soon." Jokes about something like that are always in poor taste. Bunch of assholes...

I have friends in the military that say Get The F••k over it. yes people died and their loved ones should be crying but why are people from Texas moaning about it? I'm sorry, did we not kill enough people in the war? Let alone the fact we dropped all our artillery in Laos and to thus day people die by accidentally tripping a mine. Every country has dark moments, don't act so defensive when you never donated a cent.

Gonna go out on a limb and guess that OP spent most of the day there without bothering to get any sort of nourishment.

Not necessarily. If the store was packed with people, there wasn't probably much oxygen, some people can't stand it.

uknorob 0

I get faint and uneasy when I am in a packed place especially if it is very bright inside. tho I have never fainted in public

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you're.... full of crap?