By dl_zook - 12/01/2010 17:52 - United States

Today, I was pumping gas and decided to go in for a drink. I discovered that when it's cold, sometimes the gas doesn't stop pumping automatically and starts spewing out onto the sidewalk. I had to pay for $53 of spilled gas. FML
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jfyi, $17 of it went into my tank. i know it was stupid to leave it unattended, i made the post so other morons, like myself, could maybe not do something so stupid. I am fully aware you are not supposed to leave a pump unattended, something i have known for the past 10 years, regardless of the fact that the gas station i was at did not have a single sign stating the obvious(i went back and checked) i was in the gas station maybe 3 minutes at most and i was prepared and willing to pay any clean up fees needed, however the 'specialized' materials this particular attendant used was kitty litter, which she took off of the shelf and opened before going outside. the only reason i feel this would remotely qualify as a FML vs YDI is that i was stupid enough to think a drink was worth leaving my car alone at the time, so really more of a FML for being an idiot type of thing.

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Congratulations OP, now you understand why it is dangerous and illegal to do that.

If you go inside, would it also be easier for people to steal your gas?



Thats why you watch the fucking thing idiot, Im 15 live in Nj where some1 else pumps my gas and I even know that.

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They have that "Don't leave the pump unattended" rule written on the side of the gas machine for a reason, bro.

Why does everyone leave the most RETARDED comments?! All of you pretend like your Jesus come to judge the whole world. This guy never said that it wasn't his fault.

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No but it irks me when people go "I didn't use common sense and got fucked.... please have pity on me."

I'm 15 and In New Jersey, how the hell are you driving? Do you have a license?

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OP there is no reason to be QQ'ing over spilled gasoline.

People in New Jersey or so retarded they're not legally allowed to pump their own gas so stop braggin, jersey tard.

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Actually, there is. Spilled gas floats in a thin film on water, so it can ruin any living thing that uses that water. $53 worth of gas is probably enough to have a visible effect on wildlife.

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no it is because you are stupid enough to live in jersey where it is to cold for normal people who arn't to lazy to get out of their car and pump their own gas. fat and lazy and snowed in i guess it works right?

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RJB um why are you even at the gas station unless with ur parents, and why are you fuckin payin attention. im 17 from nj i drive, i dont even pay attention. and obviously he isnt driving

Actually we pay enough in taxes that someone else pumps out gas. Don't be mad that you gotta get out and pump it yourself.

You think you pay a lot in taxes? Lol

Try Long Island (the nice parts)

Congratulations OP, now you understand why it is dangerous and illegal to do that.

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I worked at a 7/11 while paying for University and had to go through 1 week of fire prevention training. This is true, VERY illegal to have the gas pumping unattended and you can be fined here. YDI, you could have blown up the entire block if that had light on fire.

Eh, not quite. Liquid gas doesn't ignite, only the vapors do. That's why it's possible to flood an engine. So the fire wouldn't have been able to get into the pump much less into the tank underground. Would've made a hell of a fire though.

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Where do you think the vapors come from? The liquid, idiot. And pumps have exploded because the fire makes it into the tank, ignites the vapors in the tank, and the pressure of ignited vapors causes the explosion.

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Liquid gas evaporates pretty quickly, and it boils at a temperature that isn't ridiculously high. Having fire NEAR a spill of liquid gasoline would heat the gas enough to make bunches of explosive vapor which would then catch fire on their own.

Realisically it would only take a really sunny day to ignite the fuel....

My father is a retired fire fighter, his specialty was working with plane and automotive fires. Every time I have ever watched a movie with him where they do one of those scenes where the pump explodes he freaks out and starts bitching about how that isn't even close to what really happens. I wish I could remember what it is that prevents the actual large scale explosions that you see on tv with this kind of situation. All I remember is listening to him bitch about it though, haha. I'm actually on my way to visit him for a few hours tonight, now I'm curious and will have to ask. If I actually learn anything I will share it when I get home tonight... not that it is important but it may end up being interesting at least.

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You're a stuck up americunt. Anyways, FYL OP. I hope you get gas, and the money you deserve.

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You're a douche from douchetown. Don't down talk my country cock gobblin.

If you go inside, would it also be easier for people to steal your gas?

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How would they get their car next to it when op's car is there?lol.or If they had a gas can maybe

You do realize they have to clean it up? YDI

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Let me guess, where you live "O Fallen, in Missouri"

Latching isn't meant to be done for exactly that reason you should've been paying attention and you probably latched it too tight and thats why it didn't cut off anyways so sorry but totally your fault for something obviously very dangerous (fyi cleaning it up is a bitch, I would know I do it for a living).

How long were you inside? It would def take a while to completely fill up your tank AND have 53 dollars worth spill out all over the ground...

They removed all the latches from pumps around where I live, because this stuff happens in warm or cold whether, you gotta keep an eye on them.

How slow are your pumps? Over here it would take perhaps a minute, two at most to fill a car, so leaving it running would be a ridiculous idea.

"Over here it would take perhaps a minute, two at most to fill a car" Bull. I've seen cars filled up at stations in the UK and Europe and they take just as long. Yes, it only takes a few minutes, but claiming "a minute, two at the most" is just BS.

no its not, ya it'd be around 2 mins.....

Depends on how empty the tank is and how much gas is pumped. Obviously, filling a nearly empty tank takes longer than a half-tank.