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Today, while I was working as a waitress, I had to wait on a table of 13 people. I was struggling through it and when they finally left I went by the table to pick up my tip. Instead of a money I got a napkin saying "Here's your tip, don't be a waitress." FML
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Your restaurant doesn't add gratuity for parties of 8 or more? Most do, and this is why.

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If you have ever worked in the restaurant industry, you'd realize this is a FML. No one deserves to get stiffed on a tip, especially for a party of 13. But like #3, why wasn't there gratuity added in?


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YDI. They obviously said that because you were a bad/rude waitress to them.

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YDI for doing a shitty job and expecting cash you gold digging *****.

How on earth could you know that? Why don't you think before you type next time? It's probably a new concept to you but give it a go.

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Nah they could have just been rude people.

Maybe you were a shitty waitress. I gave you a YDI since assuming is for the better.

It doesn't matter how she did. If you have a ******* table of 13, it's going to be difficult. People should realize the effort put into it.

How could you POSSIBLY get that she was a bad waitress from her post? What kind of asshole jumps to the conclusion that people only do rude things like this because people deserve it? Is someone going to write an FML about you someday? It seems the idiots that post crap like you are worse than most of the perpetrators in FMLs similar to this one.

We have no way of knowing how well a job the OP did or did not do so your comment is out of line. This past week I went out to dinner with my mom and saw a group walk out on their check. I guess it's the cooks fault that they didn't enjoy their food so they didn't need to pay for it?! And in this situation the unfortunate waitress was stuck covering their check! Their are a lot of assholes out their, and I am sorry you had to serve them OP. FYL

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Not necessarily...And if she screwed up a bit, it's hard with 13 people.

If you have ever been a waiter, you will know that a table of 13 = different to 3 different tables built up of 13 people. It's pretty simple ******* logic.

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Number 29, I think Number 1 has a point. I mean, they COULD be really rude and unfair people. However, she COULD have been a TERRIBLE waitress. When you choose to work on the tip system, this is what you're signing up for: pay based on performance. Crappy performance = crappy pay. Not to mention, she did admit that she was struggling through it, which means she probably didn't do well. OP: hopefully this will be a learning experience and your performance will improve and next time you'll get a generous tip.

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Also, don't most restaurants add gratuity for large parties? And include extra waitresses instead of just leaving it up to one? I blame the place of business in part.

No, they were just cheap asses who decided to change the meaning of "tip" in the restaurant sense from money you give to the person who waited on you to advice.

i've seen more and more of restaurants giving a mandatory X% gratuity to large parties but there are still some assholes out there who havent put that rule in place.

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omigosh the poor waitress :( and OP, FYL. it's a friggin table of's hard!

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Don't be rude to people who handle ur food. Period. And if you do, don't ever come back. You have all been warned.

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thats the thing, 13 people wwere only at one table so, she other tables as well + that 13. That cant be easy

ever been a waiter/waitress? big table of 13 =/= 3 tables totaling 13. It can be so much to handle, no matter how good you are. ESPECIALLY if the people are really demanding/pushy/unreasonable. Also, OP didn't say that was the only table they had: 4 5-person tables plus one table of 13 dick-wads = a miserable night of waitressing.

she probably had more tables aside from her table of thirteen.

here's a tip for them, " stop being douche bags" !!!

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this should also be an epic fail :) Ydi

Your restaurant doesn't add gratuity for parties of 8 or more? Most do, and this is why.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Usually they add 18% for 8+ people.

Unfortunately there are too many taking it away because uncivilized trash comes in and complains about it.

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I thought the same thing when I read this FML.

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If you have ever worked in the restaurant industry, you'd realize this is a FML. No one deserves to get stiffed on a tip, especially for a party of 13. But like #3, why wasn't there gratuity added in?

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This is also what's wrong with the restaurant industry. If a tip is expected to be paid to compensate waiters wages, include it in the f*ing price. A tip is a tip, meaning you deserve whatever I think you deserve. If it's cost of eating there, don't call it a tip.

Yes, restaurants are really screwed up by greedy managers/owners. This is not the fault of the waitstaff, however, who have to live with it if they want to eat. Don't blame them.

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But that's how servers make most of their money, through tips. If the girl is using her waitressing job to put her through college or something, she just got seriously ****** over. And it's not her fault, why don't you try serving perfectly for a large party?

#47 If you want to guarantee that you get shitty service, this is exactly how you would do it. Once tips are included in entree prices then all waiters/waitresses get EXACTLY the same pay. This means no incentive to actually put in effort. Go find a sales job where people do not get tips or commissions, they pretty much all don't give a shit. Yeah, not getting tipped sucks, but I'd like to think in the long run it's balanced out by people like me who tip are willing to tip quite a bit extra for good service.

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No one deserves not to get a tip - how about the waittress at Ponderosa who refused to bring our drinks until 45 minutes after we arrived (while we were getting up to leave). We asked her for them numerous times and each time she yelled "I'm on my way to get them so shut up." Meanwhile she had plenty of time make multiple calls on her cell phone, sit in a booth doing nothing. And she never cleared any of our plates. Or the women who reached across our plates of food with water dripping off her arm, then came back and sneezed and cough without covering her mouth, once we had them replaced. Tips are a REWARD for good service. Only people who deserve to be rewarded deserve tips. Saying all waitresses deserve a tip because they are a server, is like saying everyone in a school deserves to be named valedictorian simply because they attended school

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spit in their drinks next time

HAHA yes, do this ^^^^ BUT I HAVE ADVICE for OP. If you're a sucky waitress: Take that "tip" in stride and improve, now you've dealt with a lot of people so you have experience and probably won't do that again in the future. No worries now. However bad you were, though, that "tip" was extremely rude and that crossed the line. That calls for spitting in, putting hair in, otherwise tampering with their food. It's common among people in the foodservice industry and you're entitled to it. People who haven't worked in foodservice have no idea how stressful and demanding it actually is, therefore you deserve some respect and shouldn't have to tolerate rude bum ***** like that. Still, it's not a bad idea to improve your waitressing skills. I say, overall, FYL.

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You only need to look at post 83 to see why people refuse to tip bad waiters. If your waiter can't do a half assed job of waiting you, then odds are they are contaminating your food to. And people like don't deserve so much as a penny in tip, even when they do manage to do their job right In addition to bad service, I withhold tips from servers who are rude/ignoring other people around me. It ruins my experience, as well as those peoples. If you can't give 100% of your all, you have no business working in a service job.

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What ever you do DON'T tamper with the food. Don't make the cafe or place you work at halve to pay for your juvenile shit. If people are difficult it's because they come to the place to have a quality meal with friends. However jack-assed it is to leave a note like that why should you sink to their level. It's a job, put up with the shit and move on.

Your work should've auto-added the tip to their bill. Also, I'm not voting because I have no idea if you did a good job or were a screw up.

Not neccessarily - a lot of restaurants don't automatically add the tip. This is because the restaurants that do auto-add split all of the night's tips amoung the employees. This restaurant seems to be one of the many that have the waitresses keep their tips for themselves. Plus, this gives the customers the chance to control exactly how much is tipped. Not all waitresses deserve the generalized 15 per cent.

15 percent isn't even standard anymore -- at least not in California. It's now 20.

It's been trying to be 20-25% since before the 90's as far as I know.

if someone auto added the tip in to my bill with out telling me they would get no tip cos a tip is for gd work and i would find it very rude if they auto added it in

The commenters are referring to a policy many restaurants have of automatically adding a gratuity of 18% to a large party. Such restaurants *do* inform you of this simply because of responses like yours. Clearly, this restaurant was not one such establishment, however.

but a tip is for gd work and i should decide what you should get, so adding it in is shit

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adding in an autotip doesn't mean you split it amongst others. It usually means you get 18% which means she wouldn't have been stiffed.

To Woop_Woop: heres the thing with that. automatic gratuity is only added on larger parties, usually 8 or more people. It's added to guarantee us at least a 15% tip on the bill because there are a lot of cheap ghetto people out there who will leave you 5 dollars on a 200 dollar bill (happened to me just last night because I forgot to add gratuity). It clearly says on the bottom of every bill at most restaurants that an automatic gratuity will be added for larger parties, so you shouldn't complain about not being told. It's stated and we expect you to know, if you've been to a restaurant within the past 10 years. The way I look at it is this: put the gratuity on every large party because if they are going to leave you a good tip they will probably leave more than the gratuity. If they are cheap ghetto people then they probably won't so it's best to guarantee yourself at least 15%.

Restaurants also have to add grat for large parties, because, statistically speaking, someone in a large party is going to be angry or just a piece of shit and not tip. The other people will then tip less because they won't look bad if someone else isn't tipping at all. Also, serving a large table is hard. And OP: you should really be allowed to shoot people like that. I'm assuming (because they were eating out) that they probably had plenty of money and were just being cheap. If you can't afford to tip there, you can't afford to eat there. And to people that think the server needs to jump through hoops to get a tip: just remember that they are bringing cooked food to your lazy ass so you don't even have to get up. If you don't want to tip, cook for yourself.

i dont care if its auto added in and it tells me i will chose how much to tip i dont want them to say oh you need to put 15% or what ever down at the end of the meal and y is it only that waiters and the like get tipped y dont ppl tip paramedics and ppl like that

246, its because wait staff make more than 7.25 in tips an hour, so their wage goes down to 2.25 instead. paramedics (and healthcare professionals alike, including myself ) make more than 10.00 an hour usually, so we don't get tipped. if you were making two bucks an hour and depended on tips to meet your cost of living, You would not be spouting senseless shit like you are.

shoulda chased them down in the parking lot LIKE A BOSS

that sucks :( Did they come in at a busy time?? If so, they're really impatient and rude. If they came at really slow time, however, maybe you should reconsider jobs..

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"Here's a tip, don't be a waitress". Wow, the idiot who wrote that has no originality. That line's been used about a million times. FYL.

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awww that was u?? sorry i needed the money 4 sum head