By sis - 19/2/2018 16:30 - United States - Hesperia
Today, I went shopping with my sister’s husband to help him choose a birthday gift for her. My sister’s insane friend saw us, followed us, and caused a huge screaming scene in the middle of the mall accusing us of having an affair. FML
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I have to agree with the other post. I would have totally turned the tables on her and humiliated her in public claiming y’all were married. Then again things are always easier in hindsight. I spend a lot sleepless nights thinking about how I could have reacted vs how I did or didn’t. You know the truth. That’s all that matters.

  OCD_NME  |  17

I wasn't trying to say that because they were shopping together means their fucking. I was saying that the insane friend was just being a good friend. There is not enough info to speculate why here. But I'm going to do it anuways. The friend could have texted her sister and the sister could have said "he told me he was working late again!" but in reality he does work late all the time and they were just getting suprised gifts. So thumbs down me all you like but if I think someone is fucking around on someone I love, damn rights I'm going to say something. If I ruin a suprise gift, whoops that sucks but I would be glad it wasn't cheating. But I wouldn't think that if it was just 2 people shopping. So shut up.

  Champignon_fml  |  19

Yeah, no. A good friend would discretely send a message and/or just start a conversation with them before warning OP's sister. A "friend" who publicly humiliates someone's partner and sibling for no other reason than walking around a mall together is a friend who needs to GTFO and go get some anger management help before ever coming near OP's sister again.

By  Chazzster  |  20

A lot of trouble could have been saved if husband had simply gone shopping for his wife by himself.

Here are a few hints about buying a gift for your wife:
Do not buy clothes - Size can be a huge issue and women’s clothing is a matter of personal taste.
Do not buy lingerie - We all know sexy lingerie is really a present for yourself and it’s not usually appreciated.
Do not buy household appliances like a vacuum or mixer - Those are usually not appreciated, it’s not the 1950’s.
Buy jewelry - Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, sliders for a necklace she already has. Always appreciated.
Buy gift certificates - But make sure it’s for places she shops.
Get a nice card and have the present professionally wrapped.