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Today, I went shopping with my sister’s husband to help him choose a birthday gift for her. My sister’s insane friend saw us, followed us, and caused a huge screaming scene in the middle of the mall accusing us of having an affair. FML
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I have to agree with the other post. I would have totally turned the tables on her and humiliated her in public claiming y’all were married. Then again things are always easier in hindsight. I spend a lot sleepless nights thinking about how I could have reacted vs how I did or didn’t. You know the truth. That’s all that matters.

By  Chazzster  |  20

A lot of trouble could have been saved if husband had simply gone shopping for his wife by himself.

Here are a few hints about buying a gift for your wife:
Do not buy clothes - Size can be a huge issue and women’s clothing is a matter of personal taste.
Do not buy lingerie - We all know sexy lingerie is really a present for yourself and it’s not usually appreciated.
Do not buy household appliances like a vacuum or mixer - Those are usually not appreciated, it’s not the 1950’s.
Buy jewelry - Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, charms, sliders for a necklace she already has. Always appreciated.
Buy gift certificates - But make sure it’s for places she shops.
Get a nice card and have the present professionally wrapped.