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Today, I was walking to work through a bad part of town. A man yelled something at me, but knowing what part of town I was in, I ignored him and kept walking. Two seconds later I got hit by a car. Turns out, he was trying to warn me about the car coming right towards me. FML
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I'm the OP - just to let you know, I'm a young girl in my 20's, so I generally try to be careful in high crime areas. If that makes me a bad person, then okay. I was crossing the street from one side, and the road curved so I couldn't see the car coming. The guy was on the other side of the road. I'm fine now, I was only in the hospital for a couple of hours, broken leg and a couple of stitches.

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you deserve it for stereotyping. not everyone is a creeper.

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I guess you have magical powers that allow you to see things others can't.

Cabbit hunny. She is just trying to state that not all of New Jersey is 'dirty'. You do not need to go all ke$ha on her

34, I don't know what planet you live on, but EVERYONE is a creeper. No exceptions.

This is why you should be in the kitchen makin sammichs! YDI jk tehe

Ouch!! I hope your okay. I understand why you would ignore him but sometimes you should check if he looks suspicious or not and actually maybe listen him and not look at him maybe?

I would thumb this up sevral times. Im not poor but op sounds like a total stuck up b*tch for being so stereotypical thinking all poor people are bad.

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That would be cool. If she is, I'm jealous.

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getting hit by a car doesn't mean you'll die. I'm living proof of that one.

Not just heaven, THE heaven. Is that the one where all the cool people go?

Ha! If OP was dead my guess would be hell before heaven if FML was his website option.

Cabbit hunny. She is just trying to state that not all of New Jersey is 'dirty'. You do not need to go all ke$ha on her.

This happens to be karma. Don't make your girlfriend cry by parking in the expectant mother spot when you know she's freaking out. -The Fluffs

Hey fluff! did you partake in that catnip I gave you? Your comment makes no sense. *shaves fluffs fur off*

Pay more attention to your surroundings.

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YDI for living in Dirty Jersey. What do you expect? There's still hope, move to PA while you can.

woah woah, not all of jersey is dirty. I'm initially from jersey and it rly bothers me when people call it dirty. down south, where I'm from, is all farms and not dirty. unless you're speaking of Newark, fine.. which is the same as some parts of New York or any other state.

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If you look at the pollution being emitted, crime, air quality, and other factors that are documented, you will see NJ is either the worst or near the bottom of the list out of all 50 states.

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so true, everytime my friends and I drive to jersey for the shore/AC, it always smells like garbage in that state...what's up with that?? are people immune to that awful human waste odor or something?? PA is the way to go :)

Being from PA myself, I must second this. Nothing personal. :)

Coming from a person in a small rural PA town, I second this.

Just for the record, I've been to PA and I ******* hated every second of it. And I'm originally from Jersey.

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