By Anonymous - 18/05/2012 22:20 - United Arab Emirates - Dubai

Today, my mother described what her ideal daughter-in-law should be like. Half-way through her description, fishing for some compliments, I told her that such a girl would be way above my league. She sighed and emphatically agreed. FML
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hthelittleone 10

You asked for it.

I hate when people fish for compliments.


hthelittleone 10

You asked for it.

Yea ydi for fishing for complements

Yeah YDI for fishing for compliments, if you want to hear those things just tell yourself. And save the embarrassment! Personally I don't believe anybody could be out of someone's league, either you're not compatible or you are, If not it doesn't mean the girl / man is better than you

32 why did you start your comment with 16's comment??

1221jamw 11

I absolutely hate it when girls do that. Its annoying and I wish I had the guts to tell them they're right when they say they're ugly or something in that catagory.

39- It's annoying when females fish for compliments, but OP is a male, and he was fishing for compliments. It's annoying no matter which gender you belong to. As well, some girls really believe that they are ugly and have very low self esteem. It's not always that they are fishing for compliments.

lucy_lue 9

I feel like half of you (at least) need to go re-read the FML because you have no idea what's actually going on.

In addition to 49, there's a saying that goes along the lunes of, "Tell a girl she's beautiful every day and she'll never believe you. Tell her she's ugly once and she will remember it for the rest of her life"

From what I read, OP's mother was "fishing" for compliments, which in this situation meant trying to find the (complimental) words to describe her ideal daughter-in-law. So yeah, Lucy, you're right. Everyone misunderstood this FML. Any of scenario where OP was fishing for compliments would have been contradictory to his actual statement (being that she was actually out of his league) and wouldn't have made sense. Unless I missed something, then correct me.

Please, explain to me again how OP's mother was fishing for compliments as she was describing her ideal daughter-in-law because what you said makes no sense. It clearly states that OP was fishing for compliments. He stated that this "ideal" girl was out of his league in hopes of his mother striking his ego and telling him he could absolutely get a girl like that. I thought that was pretty clear...

57 - He said she would be out of his league trying to coax his mother into saying something like "Oh, honey. No girl is too good for my perfect little handsome man." You and 52 are friggin' dense.

Stroking* curse you, autocorrect.

You're all right. Took me a couple re-reads. Could've done without the insult, but otherwise good job showing your point.

Whenever fishing there is always the chance of catching a boot.

58 - you're exactely right and beautiful as well :|)

At least she didn't lie.. I'm joking, OP, and she probably was too

I doubt it. She was just laying the cold, hard facts... *sigh

giantdwarf 0

Mother in law and daughter in law but op is a guy?

Mother, not mother-in-law.

Honest mum! Truth hurts. That's what happens when you fish.

sillycart 9


BeMyLove15 10

Shouldn't fish for compliments, but that wasn't the best reaction/:


Mother dearest.

I wouldn't fish for compliments from your mom anymore.

I hate when people fish for compliments.

You just have to drive their massive ego into the ground. "Oh my god, I'm so fat!" "Awww don't worry babe, you'll lose it someday."

Yea, the worst is deffinetly when girls complain about their weight

peachesncreem 21

Personally, I prefer fishing for fish. They're easier to catch.

I'm sure you can get any girl with a kind and caring personality. Or plastic surgery. Or both! Good luck with your love life, OP, or lack thereof.

And so you received a complimentary insult! They do say that mother knows best.