By Anonymous - 31/03/2015 03:52 - Netherlands - Utrecht

Today, it was my first day working as a dental assistant, leaving me in charge of all cleaning. The first patient was so scared, he peed his pants. Which might have been understandable if he hadn't been a fully grown man. FML
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Going to the dentist is terrifying. Next time hand him a couple of stickers, a lollipop, and a diaper.

Poor guy, that sounds terribly embarrassing!


look on the bright side, your job is only getting better :D

*from now on

Until someone shit themselves

Better him than you

Poor guy, that sounds terribly embarrassing!

Agree. Just because he's a fully grown man doesn't mean he is emotionless or immune to fear. Poor guy.

Terribly what? Hehe

Going to the dentist is terrifying. Next time hand him a couple of stickers, a lollipop, and a diaper.

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Only if they have no sugar in them :) and that includes the diaper

What about the stickers? :)

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Was it just a normal check-up, or was something like a root canal? I probably would've lost my shit too, if it was a root canal...

I believe it was just a cleaning or at least that's what I understood from the fml

6, Root Canals are nothing compared to when they're infected, I almost died because the swelling got to the point where I had a hard time breathing, I got medicated just in time. And they cant do squat until the swelling goes down... Which can be a while -_- but now it's completely normal, mind no tooth there, but normal hahah

Root canals actually aren't that bad. I've had one done before.

True, if the dentist is a good one :)

Plenty of adults have dentist phobias.

I have panic attacks everytime I go to the dentist, but after I'm in the chair I'm okay. It can be quite scary for some people.

My old childhood doctor didn't use enough novocane (someone then sued him and he lost his job), so that planted a phobia of the dentist in me. To this day they terrify me.

First like yay!

Poor guy, I would have felt really bad for him. I would have tried to make him more comfortable

everyone has a biggest fear, op. I hope that was his because I don't want to see how he'd react to anything scarier.

Maybe he was scared to tell you he hadn't been flossing daily