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Today, I spoke to my hormonal pregnant wife about baby names. I told her I liked the name "Tabitha", and she went into a full rage about how all letters have textures, colours and emotions and how T is an evil letter. Apparently it's orange, plastic, and a needle trying to stab her eyes out. FML
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I recently discovered a kind of 'disease' where the people who have it connect letters and/or numbers with colours. Let me Google it... Synesthesia, that's the one.

Its just the hormones, nothin to worry about


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Damn....these pregnant woman seem to be getting more and more extreme.

5- since when have they not been extreme?

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Maybe she was trying to "nicely" tell you that she doesn't like that name.

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Ah the curse of the first comment damn you strike again

In the sight of the husband: "You have got to be kidding me! We have 7 more ******* months!" Wife: "What was that?" "Nothing, dear. I love you... Please dont hurt me..." All kidding aside, op must really love his wife, and is probably trying really hard. I give a big round of applause for Op.

21 - Hence the "more and more" portion of their comment. Literacy - it's our friend!

Note: Come up with names instead of putting random letters together.

80 - My point was that we can't exactly get more extreme. If you're able to actually understand what people say, maybe you would have realized that that's what my comment meant? As you said, literacy, it's our friend ;)

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116- Then your comment should've been: "It's not getting worse. We've always been this extreme."

I'd say the OP should give his wife a pickle to calm her down, but that's probably how she got pregnant in the first place.

Its just the hormones, nothin to worry about

I guess the names Agatha, Bertha, and Gertrude are out as well.

But is it? (insert dramatic music here)

Kind of does sound orange, plastic & sharp. Tabitha... My daughters name is Zandalee. It's rare. See if she likes that name.

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48- You do realize that Zandalee is also the title of an erotic romance movie, right? Middle school will be hell if the kids find out.

*cringe* Yep. We found the name there. It's a quite beautiful but slightly blue French movie.

2-you had 4 t's in that comment >_<

I can picture a stoned person saying something like this.

OhDearBetrayal 25

57- It's actually also an American movie with Nicolas Cage about a cheating wife named Zandalee.

What do you mean nothing to worry about! T is the worst letter ever!

I know a girl named Tabitha. That is a perfect description of her. She's a super bitch. I'm with your wife on this one! Haha

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There's actually a psychological disorder called Senesthesia that causes reactions like that. Where numbers are colors...... Ect.

177, synesthesia is not a psychological disorder, it's a neurologic particularity. Some connections in the brain that remained when they get erased in most people's brains. In fact, everyone has synesthesia when they're still a baby.

Try asking her what names she likes then maybe you two could find one you both like :)

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Would it be like a puppet letter T you see on sesame street? Except evil?

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I thought bride of chuckie when I read this

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Tabitha is a ugly name anyway. YDI op what a cruel joke to play on your wife.

I just realized that op's name is L Names Only. So no T names.

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129-Obviously as the wife went on a rant about how T is an evil letter........

hormones, psychosis...same difference

Actually, it can also be OCD, which holds unfounded superstitious values, the thought of T being evil is an obsession itself.

Sounds like sensasia - I believe that's the name for the disorder where you perceive numbers, letters, sounds as something they are not such as color

Synesthesia is the word you're looking for. Synesthetics experience senses that are very strongly linked, like tasting colour or seeing sound. I taste sound, myself.

I have to ask an actual synesthete--does something like Tchaikovsky's 4th Symphony taste as great as it sounds?

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124- I can see that being a really annoying form. Having numbers be not only color but tactile for me can make shopping annoying I know. I see sounds as colours too... Or I did. It seems to have vanished after a head injury. I kinda miss it :(

Dafuq? I still think that's crazy considering your wife is a hormonal bomb because she is pregnant. Can't blame her though.

I'm not really sure I completely understand your comment, but it sounds like you contradicted yourself in only two sentences. Well done.

6 I was trying to understand your comment, but I gave up after I started to have a headache from the stupidity.

It will all be worth it in the end, so just hang in there :)

I recently discovered a kind of 'disease' where the people who have it connect letters and/or numbers with colours. Let me Google it... Synesthesia, that's the one.

There's a similar one where some people associate letters and numbers with genders as well. I have the gender one and my best guy friend has the colour one xD

Also Synesthesia. There's over a hundred different types; it's a cross-wiring of any two 'senses'? The gender form is a muted form of personification synesthesia, in which various letters/numbers have personalities. The colour one is grapheme->colour, one of the more common forms.

It's definitely not a disease, it's a neurological condition. It comes in many forms, and is not dangerous, contagious or harmful.

I've heard of people associating colors with sounds, is that the same thing?

Not a disease. An ability to see sound as color. It's fun.

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I have the gender one too. I even gave them jobs...I just realized how weird that is.

46 - yep, same thing. I wonder if someone has many different forms of it all at once. Seems like a permanent acid trip.

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It has to do with two parts of the brain being "connected". When you see a number or letter, the part of the brain that responds to color, or sound, also responds. This causes numbers and letters to have a "color". Some people also "feel" when they hear music. No one knows what causes it, it just happens to some people.

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My boyfriend sees different colors for different people. Is that part of it?

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Yep I have that. To me, T is blue. Just like 4 is pink and 8 is green.

a) omg everyone stop calling it a disease for ****'s sake. words have meanings. b) actually they've done quite a few studies on it and found that the reactions are completely consistent, researchers are pretty much in agreement that even if they can't find exactly what causes it or see it in brain scans it's definitely real. c) it's really not that trippy. it's just there. absolutely nothing like walking around on an acid trip or being psychotic.

It is not a disease. And no it would not be anything like an acid trip to these people who have it because it is normal for these people. They have had it for their entire life.

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158- 4 is definitely pink- and fuzzy! But 8 isn't green- 7 is! He's mean and prickly too. :/ 8 is blue to me. 3 is butter yellow, and 6 is silver. Seeing a fml about synesthesia totally made my night. :)

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Yes, although I don't believe it's a disease, it's just your brain has somehow coming to associations. Granted it is an abnormality but I don't know that it's caused by anything or is adverse in any way. You can also make associations with sounds, textures, feelings, vibes, concepts, shapes even I bet... I have it, for example A is red, B is blue, and C is cyan, 1 is white, 2 is blue, and 3 is green.

mowmowlife 21

It sounds similar, that he would have an emotion for a color that he'd attribute to a person. Does he give colors to absolute strangers or does he have to meet them first?

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It's not a disease and synesthetes, myself included, often find it offensive when our condition is referred to as a "disease"

I have this, but I would never in a million years be pissed off at someone who didn't understand how I perceive such things. Pregnant or not, that's a bitch move.

Wait, those are actual conditions? I've always imagined letters and numbers as having genders and even personality traits. Then again, I've always had a pretty wacky imagination and way of thinking so maybe that's why.

I have a tiny case of it. But yes, it makes everything weird. For me, each letter has feelings. It's weird, but I'm really good at writing because of it.

I can't blame her for disliking the nane... Tabitha sounds like a cat's name, not a human's. If it is a human's name it sounds like it would belong to a snarky Gothic chick.

*name. Damn it. Curse you, ipod touch!

I know a girl named Tabitha. She's one of the sweetest girls I know. And why would you name a cat "gazelle"?

I like the name Tabitha, reminds of a pretty witch.

26- I never said that the name was only exclusive to snarky Goth girls, I said that it *sounds* like it would belong to one.

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I can't say gothic, but more like and old granny.

Lol my name is Tabitha, but I promise I'm not snarky or gothic. :)

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Well obviously OP liked it

I actually named a stray cat Tabitha once. While she was a very pretty cat, I can't picture a human having the same name.

my soon-to-be step sister is a Tabitha, and she is a total bitch. OP, please do not name your kid Tabitha. she would probably hate it in this day and age anyway

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Wow never thought of letters meaning so much.

Drizzelhell 3

Lol that was a good one. I pity the fool who that the letter T isn't evil. Ha

As a woman I feel really sorry for men who have to put up with it knowing full well my boyfriend will have to one day. It's not even like you men do anything wrong (apart from suggest cat names perhaps). Good luck with mother and baby op :)

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Some men really deserve the wrath of pregnant women. Just sayin.