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Today, at my cousin's baby shower, there was a discussion on what to name the baby. When the name Jacqueline was brought up, I made a face and exclaimed, "Ugh, I hate that name!" I was then informed that's the name of my cousin's mother-in-law. She definitely heard me. FML
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ohthebloodygore 16

1, I do hate you.

Well you're allowed your opinion... They shouldn't get offended just because you don't like that particular name..


I guess you must hate me too, cuz guess what? My name is Jacqueline too! Bitch...

ohthebloodygore 16

1, I do hate you.

Schizomaniac 24


MissErikaHart 0

so what. i doubt you'll b very close to ur cousins mother in law

storylogan 0

don't worry, she hates you (: I do too. and I'm sure a lot of people do too!

this isn't an fml

abdefg 5

that's my name too. well you know what I don't like you either asshole!

Oh, do you prefer '*****' rather than 'stripper'?

I have a friend named Jacqueline but everyone calls her Bib.

Me too! Some people are so rude! Most people can't even pronounce it and call me jack and I want to slap them when they do that!!!!!

One of my best friend's name is Jacqueline, but we all call her Jackie because . . . Wellz actually idk why, it is really a beautiful name, I don't understand why people would dislike a beautiful name like that when some people go around naming kids things like "Prudence" (and yes, people really do name their kids that, I used to know a Prudence)

you must've had a good time

spongebob :D

Well you're allowed your opinion... They shouldn't get offended just because you don't like that particular name..

dudeitsdanny 9

There's polite ways of saying it. OP's wasn't polite. I personally like that name. I like Jackie better, though. I liked it before I met my girlfriend, but people think I like it cause her name's Jacquelyn.

I don't see why she gives a shit what her cousin's MIL thinks anyway. She might as well worry about what Joe Bloggs of 2 Anywhere St thinks if she's gonna make a big deal about realtionships that tenuous.

She shouldn't really be offended, you don't exactly pick your own name.

Chesty LaRue did. Wait, no she didn't. Her husband did. Forget it.

fonzworth seems to be a more appropriate choice of a name

I like the name :) Its just really formal sounding and I hate that its shortened to Jacky. But the girl name I have picked out is Carson so I dont follow name rules anyway lol

My middle name is Carson. It was a really horrible name to grow up with.

Carson? That's not a very nice girl name so you are in no place to judge, there bud.

shouldn't be proud of a ridiculous name

I personally want to know the OP's name.

i hate that name too

Hahahaha! this happened to me with my niece. when they were thinking what to name her. I felt bad /./ but they used the name as a middle name anyway