By mybad7 - 15/09/2009 08:13 - Australia

Today, I finally decided to sleep with my boyfriend. It was my first time and I was really nervous so when he was being all romantic with candles and wine I went a bit overboard and drank too much. I passed out. I woke up a few hours later, still a virgin and in a puddle of my own wee. FML
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Wait until you old enough to stop calling urine "wee."

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Good god, YDI. Know your limits, jeez.


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too bad, try it again tonight! (without the drinking, its much better)

ur a *** seriously im sik of all this religous bull shit its a personal opinion for u i get that... sweet dnt av sex b4 marrage then but *** off with the tellin other ppl not to do it its just fuking anoying

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at least he didn't take advantage of her

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To basically translate 31's comment... @3, it's fine that YOU want to wait until marriage, but you don't need to tell OP that what she has decided to do with her body is wrong. "Defile"? Come on. You sound silly to everyone. Also, waiting until marriage is not "healthier" in any medical terms, assuming the person that you're having sex with is free of disease.

Wait until you old enough to stop calling urine "wee."

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Did you actually say wee? ydi for that alone.

hohoho "defile", u have to be sick in ur mind X_X

why do you drink that much in a situation like that?? of course it sux, but still, it's your own fault, YDI

you sure about the virgin thing?? cause I'd say otherwise

haha i was thinking exactly the same :D

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that's why 12 year olds shouldn't drink...or have sex