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Today, I spent six hours driving between two airports to try and catch my flight. Two trailer accidents, two construction zones, three detours, and one police escort later, the airline wouldn't let me on the plane. FML
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Is your name Robert Downey Jr or Zach Galifianakis by any chance?

Someones trying to stop you getting on that plane Op. ;)


Someones trying to stop you getting on that plane Op. ;)

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hahaha I was thinking the same thing

But allowing everyone else to get on the plane.

Maybe it's a plane that's going to blow up.

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It's a SIGN!!!! Oh for Pete's Sake this is a freaken SIGN!!!! :O

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docscientist? docbastard did you become a scientist? hmmm I think someone is attempting identity fraud... and starting slow and subtly

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70- That's what I was thinking. That's like making a KingLingADing or something of that sort.

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I am glad I am not the only one who has noticed this take-over attempt

Nah, docscientist has been around for a while. He's a scientist. I'm Hey look, a plane!

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LOLOLOL!^^ i bet you did that account recently, to say something like that. Good one, good one (X

85- lmao wow talk about perfect timing, they were just debating your existence

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Bastard, Scientist... Ding, Dong... ahh Tomato, Tomahto who really cares who's who in this whoville

When you're in a hurry and need to get somewhere fast, you can request a police escort to lead the way so traffic moves over and you arrive safely (and without tickets).

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life just knocks you down sometimes and get up and be stronger from it

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save those comments for facebook

39- well said. I don't think ghandi would appreciate fml.

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I m!o!d!e!r!a!t!e!d t!h!i!s o!n!e!

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Stop saying this on every damn FML. No one gives a ****. You're not the only one that moderated it.

I moderated this COMMENT. Am I a cool kid now?

24 they are not saying they moderated this one. they said something offensive or something like that and got blocked by the mods. chill.

And that's why now YOU got moderated! Karma!

Uh 90, I saw the comment before it was moderated.

Why would you spend 6 hours driving to another air port to catch your flight? Why not wait until the next flight if you missed it...

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FYL, the airline system really sucks and this stuff has happened to me too...