By Oops - United States
Today, while at work at a maternity and baby clothes store, I was supposed to send out an email about our "Beat the Clock" sale. After it was sent to over 500 people, I realized that I'd misspelled the subject line. It read, "Beat the Cock Sale." FML
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  nomadxx7  |  0

Actually if you think about it it's rather funny in a crude way. You have to beat the cock to produce a kid anyways AND since it's a maternity store those women have already won the contest because they beat a cock themselves and now have the bun in the oven.

By  AliceC_fml  |  3

I would laugh so hard if I got that in my email. It would be more funny because I'd know what you were trying to spell and made a typo. Which makes it more amusing to me.

By  FerrariCake  |  2

Considering that pregnancy is uncomfortable and a cock was responsible for it... you'll probably get a better response to your sale. It'll tap into the pregnant woman's primal desire to punish the man-member.

Why would they want to beat a clock anyway?