By yeahImgreat - 12/05/2022 14:00 - Netherlands

Today, after three months of going back and forth between staying with my boyfriend and leaving him for someone else, I finally made the decision to go for the other guy. When I told him, he admitted to never seeing himself with me, as he "doesn't do cheaters." FML
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Oh he does cheaters, he just doesn't keep them.

You deserve it ya snake


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That's on you that you did not recognize the other guy as a side piece only. You need to ditch the current boyfriend, and start over.

Oh he does cheaters, he just doesn't keep them.

You deserve it ya snake

@OP: What exactly did you expect from them? Your BF was expecting you to be loyal. The other guy was using you as a free wh*re, thus not interested in anything more than relieving himself. The best you can do is to admit to your ex BF of the three months you betrayed him and move on. For my part, I do not feel any sympathy with you. I do not consider your story to be a fml, more of a fhl your ex BF.

You’re pretty much my ex, except her new “man” is a loser who’s just as awful as her. I just wish there was a way to keep my kids from being raised by those two idiots short of killing them or a nasty court battle.

"short of killing them": They are not worth ruining your life, even if they deserve it. Wish you good luck with the court battle.