By EmberLove - 17/01/2013 14:06 - United States

Today, my current boyfriend and my ex-boyfriend got into a fight about when my birthday is. They were both wrong. FML
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"Her birthday's on February 31st!" "No, you idiot! It's on December 32, duh! " *both look at OP* "Right?? " You pick winners, OP.

Happy birthday, Op! It's today, right?...


Happy birthday, Op! It's today, right?...

No, it's tomorrow. Wanna fight about it?

Well, OP may get to celebrate 3 birthdays! Hoorah!

When in doubt check Facebook

Unless, #85, she has entered a fake D.O.B... People do this

Me: "Happy bday!" Friend: "Oh, it's not my birthday silly! I just changed my birthday on Facebook because I like this day better :)" Me: Are you ******* kidding me.. True story.

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Boys will be boys

Real men would remember their girlfriend's birthdays.

Not sure what defines a "real man" in your book.. I know in mine it includes things like defending yourself and family, not remembering dates.

priceyfml 7

I hate it when people say that... Not all guys act like that, or whatever you believe them to be.

JerryH 9

My girlfriends bday is 4/29/95

priceyfml 7

28- real men are gentlemen and DO remember dates, not only should they be protective but remembrance of a special day is very thought full

James Bond and the Marlborough man. They charm the ladies, beat up the bad guys, rope steers, know how to pick the right champagne and never forget their girlfriends birthday.

Real men know what matters to girls... And usually dates matter. My boyfriend learned quickly you get the best sex when you get to the girls heart, by rememberin the little things :) you should try it.

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so **cking what?!?

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@58 *******... just say it, be a big boy and act all grown up.

In my opinion a real man is someone who treats ladies with respect, which includes remember her birthday, and does not treat their women poorly or like they are a piece a property. Yes all women look for different things in a man, whether it be masculinity or a more sensitive side, but all men should be respectful and chivalrous.

BlitheNightmare 7

58 - Why censor the name of the site is FUCK My Life, for pity's sack...

It's actually FMyLife... Fuck, I believe, is implied.

An we give a **** about this why?!?! Lol you people are sad

87, You're on FML. Get used to it.

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Who says real men have to like women? Learn to accept others.

Sir_ND_Pity 35

71 - yes, for my sack apparently! But I usually don't allow that until the second date ;)

"Her birthday's on February 31st!" "No, you idiot! It's on December 32, duh! " *both look at OP* "Right?? " You pick winners, OP.

Nuff' said.

Or if i were op, "**** it" threesome*

I laughed so hard I snorted.

Just be proud you're worth a fight.

This seems more like a "I know more about her than you do, HA!" than a fight for her affection.

Well then just be proud you're worth being mentioned.

At least

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Oh ouch... So, when is it?

Sounds like they are equally stupid and not worth your time OP. But, you could share the same trait just for giving either of them the time of day. :/

It could've been worse; your ex could have remembered your birthday!

At least you have two people willing to fight over you. Pick up a camera and place some bets!

perdix 29

Did one of them get your conception day right?

The only way they'd remember that is if her mom is a MILF ;)

Mouse in lilac frock? I'd remember that.

perdix 29

#23, no, Hottest **** on the net! It makes my hide-out from my bad haircut more than merely bearable ;)

Most Intelligent Little Fornicator is what I was going for, actually. I guess I should've explained myself! Besides, I'm not a huge fan of moles. If anything, it'd be a freckle in a fedora that'd catch my eye...

Sounds like you only date morons. So who is the real fool here?

All of them.

Everybody plays a fool... Sometiiiimesss

There's no exception to the rule...