By emergencyroom - 15/03/2014 12:21 - United States - Parkton

Today, I locked myself out and had to enter my house via the back door. Thinking I was an intruder, my 7-year-old daughter slammed a metal rake into the back of my head. Nice to know she can take care of herself. FML
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tpm45 25

Hey, at least she'd have been safe if it was an intruder.


tpm45 25

Hey, at least she'd have been safe if it was an intruder.

I think an intruder would be expecting something like that though, where as OP obviously didn't.

buttcramp 21

I agree, #1. This girl sounds really awesome. 39, what you're saying is true but at least where I live intruders are way less likely to enter the house if someone is inside because they fear being shot.

jazzy_123 20

haha if I lived in Texas I'd be scared too. At least it's not like here in Cali. If an intruder went inside someone's house and got hurt, jumping in through the window and breaking something or whatever, he/she can sue the owner of the house. What's up with that? -,-

drumguy218 11

I seriously doubt an intruder would be expecting that...

Well, now you know Op that your daughter is a little badass fighter.

ariiewilliams 17

If i was an intruder i wouldn't expect to get hit in the head with a metal rake by a 7 year old girl. But that's just me.

It sounds like she was bad ass as hell and snuck outside behind him. Daughter FTW!

That'd be the best situation to take revenge from your dad lol. You should be proud of your kid Op

More importantly, SHE WAS INSIDE! If you locked yourself out, why didn't you try knocking?

#94, to me it sounds like it was likely dark out and so he probably would have thought she was asleep. Or he very well could have, but since she is young, she probably didn't open the door (which is smart for a young child. Stranger danger and all that.)

You're raising her well. Good job, very good job.

I vote that you deserve it because you're raising an awesome daughter.

lexiieeex3 32

Honestly, I would be proud of your daughter for having the courage to defend herself. You're raising a true spitfire!

Don't punish her, but I would work in her choice of weapon. I prefer shovels.

I was half-expecting a frying pan of sorts.

Baseball bat- that way no one looks at her funny when she practices her swing

Shovels are the best because you already have a shovel to bury them in when the job is done.

Sharp pieces of steel is my choice, about 3 feet long with a handle on one end. Pointy end goes in the other guy.

the_shift 13

Ice stick... The evidence Go's away after being used

Metal baseball bat and a 9mm. I should be fine.

Not more boring, just shorter. You would't be able to make a movie about this with an hour-and-a-half build-up and then the whole thing just ending with the dad coming home and bam, rake then stitches. Commercial though, maybe. "Send your regular-ass little girl to bad-ass little girl school-- BAM, RAKE THEN STICHES"

VengeanceChicken 12

Well, like you said, at least she'll know what to do if something like that ever happens...

I hope you're okay! Maybe don't leave your daughter home alone and take her with you next time? That's pretty young to be by herself.

He probably did not leave her home alone. He just said "I locked myself out", he could have checked the mailbox or got the paper.

Plus 7 being to young to be home alone? What's she going to do build a thermonuclear space ready warhead and take over the earth if she's not supervised 24/7?

meli1195 31

Ooor he could've been coming home from work and probably his wife/gf was sleeping but his daughter was still awake

Why are people giving this a thumbs down she's 7 she doesn't need to be home by herself. Good job on her protecting her self but she still shouldn't of been home alone what if there were multiple armed intruders?

Then it wouldn't really matter if she was alone or not would it -.-

Because, #71, the fml never said the dad left the property. It's entirely possible he was just doing something outside. And besides, as long as they're not alone for long periods of time, it's okay for a 7 year old not to be supervised 100% of the time. Otherwise we end up with people like my roommate, 20 and incapable of taking care of herself.

Good job on her for taking care of herself! But what if she secretly knew it was you..

Why did not you just knock on the door since your daughter was inside of the house?

Well, since he got smashed in the head with a rake and was thought to be an intruder, I assume it was dark. So maybe OP assumed his family members were sleeping and didn't want to wake them. I've gone through the back door for that very reason whenever the front door was locked.

ApacheC424 18

He also could have announced his presence instead of just entering. I know it was his own home but it wasn't an expected entry.

Or ringing the door bell. Being locked out is a pretty good reason to wake up your family

If your front door was locked and you knew your back door was unlocked what would you do