By emergencyroom - United States - Parkton
Today, I locked myself out and had to enter my house via the back door. Thinking I was an intruder, my 7-year-old daughter slammed a metal rake into the back of my head. Nice to know she can take care of herself. FML
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  buttcramp  |  21

I agree, #1. This girl sounds really awesome. 39, what you're saying is true but at least where I live intruders are way less likely to enter the house if someone is inside because they fear being shot.

  jazzy_123  |  20

haha if I lived in Texas I'd be scared too. At least it's not like here in Cali. If an intruder went inside someone's house and got hurt, jumping in through the window and breaking something or whatever, he/she can sue the owner of the house. What's up with that? -,-


#94, to me it sounds like it was likely dark out and so he probably would have thought she was asleep. Or he very well could have, but since she is young, she probably didn't open the door (which is smart for a young child. Stranger danger and all that.)

  fsomelife  |  26

Not more boring, just shorter. You would't be able to make a movie about this with an hour-and-a-half build-up and then the whole thing just ending with the dad coming home and bam, rake then stitches. Commercial though, maybe. "Send your regular-ass little girl to bad-ass little girl school-- BAM, RAKE THEN STICHES"

  nathansch  |  11

Why are people giving this a thumbs down she's 7 she doesn't need to be home by herself. Good job on her protecting her self but she still shouldn't of been home alone what if there were multiple armed intruders?

  JazNim17  |  18

Because, #71, the fml never said the dad left the property. It's entirely possible he was just doing something outside. And besides, as long as they're not alone for long periods of time, it's okay for a 7 year old not to be supervised 100% of the time. Otherwise we end up with people like my roommate, 20 and incapable of taking care of herself.

  poncho55  |  40

Well, since he got smashed in the head with a rake and was thought to be an intruder, I assume it was dark. So maybe OP assumed his family members were sleeping and didn't want to wake them. I've gone through the back door for that very reason whenever the front door was locked.