By sillyfox4lyfe - 07/05/2011 07:08 - United States

Today, I realized that I frequently argue with myself and respond back. FML
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no I don't. yes I do

LolliDolly 19

Wait...this isn't normal?


no I don't. yes I do

jennifer93 0

not gonna lie, this made me laugh

I knew someone would do this..

it could be aspergers....just saying

PurpleRae420 0

not gonna lie I do that too lol

I talk to myself when making decisions. Always when I'm alone though. haha.

dirtyblond 4

It was weird how he'd talk to his finger. o___O" ^^^^

EverybodyHatesCh 0

I make out with my mirror all the time!! and sometimes we....*whispers* get a little naughty.. So yeah I think it's normal OP

rallets 22

did you try fighting yourself too?

hey HEY!!!! u wanna fight!!!?? No no I don't... well take this!!!!!! And u take that!

djsmoove 0

WTF!! seek help!

Cereal_Is_Good 5

it's okay Op, I bet you don't. Shut up, yes they do.

Randuhh_17 4

whenever I get finished with a verbal fight, I always go over the fight outloud, and see where I could've came up with a better come usually ends like this "stupid, that would've been better to say!" "I'm not stupid!" should see the stares I get...lmao!

Denikk 0

Lol smeagle... kill them and get the ring!! but they are your friends ... kill them !!

LolliDolly 19

Wait...this isn't normal?

Levels of insanity: 1. talks to self. 2. argues with self. 3. loses argument. 4. is no longer speaking to self.

No, this is SPARTA!!!!

SunDropGirl 0

ok #26 I wouldn't say I go that far but I honestly would consider op's situation just trying to make a hard decision that you have to decide on your own.

Paradoxasaurus 0

Completely normal, actually. For a lot of people it's just a habit, for others it's a way of making decisions. My guess is that OP is a self-described freak who thinks "Oh my God I'm so different" at every abstract thought they happen to have.

yea OP lives in Michigan!! hell yea I'm a michigander!

Hooray for Michiganders!


MuffyStJacques 0

I argue with myself all of the time. I thought it was completely normal. :/

GeneralGreivous3 0

I think I'm on level 3 of insanity then.

Brandnewuser 0

HAHA I laughed at 26! ps he was just making a joke.

Loaffer 2

of course it is XD if not I'd be insane

Fowl_fml 0

oh Gee! I reached the level 3!

That is 101% completely true!!

you see crazy people don't know they're crazy, I know I'm crazy therefore I'm not crazy.... crazy right?

I argue with my imaginary friend. People think I'm crazy.

ivanoff 0

I think they make pills for that?

dont worry, people wont think that you're crazy when you save the world from your imaginary friend.

My imaginary friend Richard asked me to marry him last week. I had to turn him down because I'm already engaged to the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He proposed with the most beautiful quarter machine ring! Richard didn't know because my ninja hippo had grounded him for lying to me when this happened and I forgot to tell him.

bitch you are crazy

Who me? I'm not the crazy one!! That would be my senile handicapped dragon!!

tweetbaby14 18

it stopped being funny when you typed out that essay about your made up relationship....

I found it pretty amusing:).

You might acually win the argument.

ceinaworus 0


It's ok i have convos with myself I learned to live with it its actually common for a lot of people

don't let the voices in your head get to you

JayBear14 11

my boyfriend does that, I do it too, just not at school lmao, your weird OP, weird people rock!!

JayBear14 11

it def does! :D

Insanity at it's finest.. Just don't lose those arguments with yourself and then get mad at yourself.

I agree it's one of the six stages of insanity

I do it too. I guess im not the only one eh?

yeah, me too lol. I've come to terms with it.

dirtyblond 4

Me too!!:O

I don't do it but my imaginary friend Richard does it constantly in class. I have to scold him for being disruptive and then we always get into an argument. He acts like a 2 year old but he's older than my handicapped dragon!

dirtyblond 4


GeneralGreivous3 0

One of my imaginary friends is not very nice. The other is the calm one. I always listen to the calm one when I'm angry. I'm just weird like that. :3

hootanany23 0

I do that. D: