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  Reyo  |  2

Neighbor: Hey, my phone's busted, can I use your phone?
You: Sure.
Neighbor: *calls own cell phone with your cell phone*
"He's not picking up. Thanks anyway."
You: No problem.
Neighbor: *saves your number in his phone.*

  soulsfirefly  |  8

Yeah, I wish people would stop with the formula of "I was doing this thing naked, thinking I was in private and then this creepy guy gave away his stalkerish behaviour by doing something improbable which made it totally obvious he was watching! EWWW."

  Reyo  |  2

Good point Nikkers. Very good point. At least then it shows that there was an extange, and not one of those "yo I need your number" "K here, what's yours?" "kthxbi" "wait nuuuu---" scenarios that everyone is assuming happened.

  White667  |  0

A. Nabours usually exchange land line phone numbers, I can understand that. but mobiles? (or "cells")
B. Why would a creepy old man ever give away that he can see you naked? That just makes no sense.
C. Use some fuckin' curtains.

  CharleneW  |  0

It doesn't necessarily mean he can see her naked. Our old house had a small frosted window in the shower that was high enough so that even if you were really tall, only your head would be visible and only if it was open. We usually had ours open on warm days and if our neighbours were outside, they usually could hear the water and we usually could hear them.

  MisterMuffinz  |  13

Perhaps OP was acquainted with the creep at one point, and was comfortable giving him her number at the time. Then the creep gradually became more and more obsessed with OP.

These kinds of things, you need to think and make assumptions. You only have so many characters in an FML post, and not it's not much to fully explain the background of these situations.

By  WTFsGoingOn  |  0

Were you the same person who's creepy neighbor wanted to watch TV with them after seeing her watching a specific show through her bedroom window? Because that would just make this so much better.

I'd move. Seriously. Or at least buy some curtains and keep the ones that point towards his home closed at all times.

FYL, you shouldn't have to put up with weird perverts.

  EvieAngel  |  0

Who cares how he had her cell number. It doesn't mean it was a lie! You people are pathetic sometimes. Trying to disect ever FML to figure out which ones are real and fake. They are FML's because they don't seem like they would really happen, they don't happen often and so you say they are not real. You have no proof that they aren't. She might have given her neighbor her number for emergencies or just to be friendly. Creepy could have come after she got that text. Creepy doesn't mean they aren't friendly. Stop putting people down and asking all these stupid questions! Who cares. He had it for a reason, the reason it's irrelevant. So what if this is fake? It's still funny and possible. It may be fake for them but it must be real for someone somewhere. Stop runing FML's with your stupid comments please and thankyou (: