By coleslaw - 03/02/2012 05:25 - United States

Today, I was using a restroom when I heard someone sneeze. I said, "Bless you." It happened again about three times, so I repeated myself each time. I then noticed it was an automatic air freshener. FML
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Buttsexpirate 9

Now you know why they never said thank you!!

Technology. iI's getting quite polite these days.


Buttsexpirate 9

Now you know why they never said thank you!!

Those rude air fresheners they don't even have enough manners to say thank you.

During flu season, even technology has to take precautions.

That's why you only say "bless you" once when someone sneezes. Saying it four times is creepy.

Op you must of been in there a long, long time because those only go off every 5 mins at the least every 15 mins at most

Damn_Hippster 11

Last time I checked air fresheners don't say "Ah-choo" but I could be wrong, technology is always advancing.

Maybe op was doing #2 and it smelled so bad the air freshener had to spray frequently.

Technology. iI's getting quite polite these days.

Just re read the fml.... and then what I wrote. FML

Yeah that was quite a fail. At least your name conjured up a colourful image!

Why the hell are people down-voting you. You made an honest mistake and you corrected yourself it happens all the time. +1

I'm sorry but in what universe does an automatic air freshener sound like a sneezing person?!?

Oh wow. I've seen people complaining about getting themselves thumbed down but never about someone else.

Only in women bathrooms are there air fresheners

Lol I wish my sneezes sounded like air fresheners...but don't worry I would have done the same thing:) you were just being polite.

saIty 17

I hear you. I've been told my sneezes are loud and obnoxious. My sneeze: Ah.. ah... Ah.... WHY WON'T IT COME OUT?! ..AHCHOOOO!!!

Ahahahahaha that's awesome I have these pathetic little sneezes that is just air escaping from my nose.

GoW_Chick 14

I have high-pitched girly sneezes, and they always come in threes, people say to me "aww that's so cute you sound like a mouse with a cold," but I just find my sneezes rather annoying. -.-

desireev 17

I always have the set of 3. The first 2 are little-bitty and extremely high-pitched. And the last one will blow the walls down! Haha My last sneeze is so big, I am surprised that my nose hasn't shot off my face yet! Haha

KiddNYC1O 20

Mine sounds like waves crashing... on very fragile glass... and a wail at the end.

i sneeze in sets of 5-7 that nearly knock the house down

Azninvasion217 0

I sneezed during my final and it was really loud and it came with no warning. This one nice girl in my class yelped in udder terror and gave me a look I'll never forget...

Well I'd understand saying bless you once but three times? Even if it was a real person they'd probably just tell you to shut up rather than say thank you xD

Socially awkward penguin is it really you?

manatees_r_epic 0

I say "bless" you for every sneeze, considering the origin of the phrase is that when you sneeze, a demon leaves your body. So I'd bless someone for every "demon".

Yes because demons really exist and really do escape your body when you perform a natural biological function to expel germs from your system.

People actually say bless you because of a deep rooted superstition that's a part of every society no matter how much a person denies being superstitious, I for one don't consider myself superstitious but there are certain habits I have that are technically based on superstition. People didn't know that bodily functions ceased for a moment when the phrase was coined so that's not why they say it, it was more to do with the "evil spirits" or "demons" or whatever a certain culture believes.

manatees_r_epic 0

Whether or not they exist isn't the point. The point is its origin. If you're going to use the phrase, use it correctly.

xXxIracebethxXx 14

So when you're sick, hundreds demons possess your body or what? >.>

ineslovescats 5

Well at least you are extremely polite! It's too bad that air freshener took advantage of your politeness though.

chubby_choco 17

90, how the hell does OP deserve it? For being polite? Okay, they made a goofy mistake, but at least they showed manners...

What a selfish air freshener... it didnt even say thanks...

I know! Doesn't that stink?.....wait a minute.

Being polite! Don't you hate it when you are about to sneeze and then... nothing! Your eyes water, your nose tingles and feels weird, you are about to continue what you were doing and then bang, sneak attack!

even if it was someone sneezing, it'd be weird for you to say that while you're on the crapper.

Please explain why this person deserves it.

Obviously they deserved it because being polite in any way is a crime. Especially when said on the internet.