By ShadowBox - Netherlands - Herveld
Today, I met the man of my dreams. We saw a movie, then went to a bar. It went perfectly, until he got wasted and started singing "Never Gonna Give You Up" to me while everyone laughed. Then I woke up, having just been Rickrolled by my own subconscious. FML
ShadowBox tells us more :
I still tend to have weird dreams like these occasionally, except now they're less Romantic-Comedy, more Saw. -_- On the bright side, I did meet someone a few weeks ago ^.^ Nothing official but we're getting there.
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  TrueTriage  |  16

What if I am a stranger to love, have no idea what the rules are, and the girl has heard this from another guy? Worst case, what if she still doesn't understand!!

By  Sofia94_fml  |  15

Well wake up and find that man! But unlike our dreams don't let him get wasted in public. And if he does and starts singing that song, you'll be able to physically punch him to his senses.


"You! Man! Yes, you! Come 'ere! You're gonna be my boyfriend from now on. Any questions??"

That's what it sounds like when someone says "find yourself a man." Instead, just let it happen.