By cargaljen - 17/05/2014 21:34 - United States - Olathe

Today, a nice couple came in to buy a car. I offered to drive it out from the line of cars for them, since it was a tight squeeze. They then watched as I managed to back it straight into another car, causing a large amount of damage to both. FML
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You're a car salesman and you can't drive? I'm impressed.


Actually, his/her job was to sell the car and OP didn't say if he/she sold the car or not. Maybe the couple still bought the car because the price was reduced. Or because they like damaged cars.

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I hope that by "damaged" you mean used. who goes to a dealership to buy a car that has been keyed or has a big dent?

markcallanan_ 20

actually even if dented or hail damage it is still new but discounted

I would think along the lines of people who work for shows like myth busters, people who race in demolition derbies, etc.

I guess they won't be buying that one then.

OP just has to buff out a few scratches and it should be good.

"Causing a large amount of damage to both" Yea it'll be just fine.

Oh, I was quoting Spongebob there, it was sarcastic

I love how literal people take everything these days, makes me wanna jump off a bridge... oh and that was sarcasm too

Hundred bucks says op is an Asian lady

Did they at least make a pitty purchase

Cause a person would buy a car that is ovey damaged just for pitty... Think about what you were saying

Looks like you wrecked that opportunity

You're a car salesman and you can't drive? I'm impressed.

Even if you can drive, sometimes they're parked poorly at mall sales and such. I've had this happen before. The trick is to go slow (under 2.5 mph) and if you hit anything else, the damage should be negligible.

If only you could drive a vehicle properly this whole situation could've been avoided

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"R" does not mean "rev the engine" means reverse. YDI

Really? I've been lied to my whole life :/

Are you covered for that? If you are, better you than them; it would suck being a customer responsible for that. Still sucks for you though, even if you are covered!

graceinsheepwear 33

OP is an employee. Customers don't move cars on lots. It wouldn't have happened to them.