By doesnttastegood - 01/02/2010 10:23 - United Kingdom

Today, I found out that whilst I was asleep last night, my boyfriend was playing on his XBox. I also found out that whenever he unlocked a new level, achievement or just generally beat someone's ass, he would celebrate by pulling out one of his pubes and putting it in my mouth. FML
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What kind of twisted ritual is that? What compelled him to think that up?

skyeyez9 24

drink lots of prune juice, then fart in his mouth when he's in a deep sleep.


What kind of twisted ritual is that? What compelled him to think that up?

Skullcrusher 5

maybe he didn't stick n his pubes maybe he wanted a bj n a puberty just came off. who knows

pubes* not puberty I hate it when words fill in automaticly

lol .. left over pubes after a bj... may your fml should be I give a bj to my bf while I am sleep

agreed I would be scared of him afterthat. that is just messed up.

Thanks, 15. I thought my comment was pretty cool, myself.

TrekkieGirl 0

Your bf needs his ass kicked!

evilspongebob 0

im saying!!! hopefully he cant play worth a damn.

DzCountingSheep 0

@ 114 I was thinking the same thing..

stewie1744 0

why would he pull em out? that's gotta ****** hurt

Samir30Days 0

I agree -_- fyl, OP! your boyfriend is gross. :/

that is ridiculous! how do you even come up with that idea?

yes he is! I would love it if my bf did that to me

shiznutmuffin 0

that guy must be an idiot and that's disgusting O_o

Haaaaaa! I liked "puberty" even better than "pubes!!!!" It sounds way cooler. :D lolz.

Im prety shure I was talking to him on Xbox live. There was this guy who kept saying oh not another pube.

Danielt104 6
loveconverse 0

Exactly my though... I mean where to even start. Pubes? Celerbration over video game win? Mouth?drugs?

Believe me its amazing but when hes sucking on your boobs then you suck on his dick its the best

Enoch134 0

wow fmlgirl that's hot ur bf. must be very happy

hahaha maybe he just thought you would some how get kinky from that. :S

I think he's just not that good at dropping hints

ClaraLewy 0

Lol FYL!!! Me and bf just play Xbox 360 at my house

Guuurlplease 0

Eww. Drop his ass. Or when he's sleeping shave and drop all of it in his mouth.

that's really messed up. for one thing, wouldn't that hurt like hell?

joemk2012 0

There's a time to use whilst and a time to use while, I think. But I don't think she used the right one

#15 HUH?!?!? u think pulling out your own PUBIC HAIR and EATING IT after youve won a VIRTUAL award is COOL!?!?! do you kiss your mom with that mouth? cause if so, EW

lol that sucks.if it was me I would of put them back in his mouth

guitgod1 11

what.....the.....****?! that dude is crazy, run away!

lilbyrd43 0

You're use to puttin his pubes in your mouth, anyways. you'll be aright

Vayant 0

Ugh. I'm eating dinner as I read this.

she should shave her pussy hair into his mouth when he's aasleep!

BadPinkKitty07 0

oh. my. god. that is disgusting.

W T F This is soo unnormal. Did you join? I think your boyfriend needs mental examination. FYL indeed.

Monikabug 9

Ikr. your boyfriend is just disgusting.

unnormal? abnormal. it's abbey something...abbey normal.

... What the hell?! I've heard people do the most rediculous things, but this is just beyond logic.

Jrook 0

lol what would that be called?

MXavierT 0

pube stuffing pro unlocked 15 g

Purpose30 0

lmmaaoo ^^^ I need that achievement!!!

allen20 0

Were did you meet this guy? At a hospital :O

speaking of hospitals you should take him to a doc and have him checked for mental illness :s

Enoch134 0

lol no break his thumbs I doubt he uses legs while playing mw2

OWIE OWIE *poink* OWIE OWIE *poink* OWIE OWIE *poink*

#131-Cthulu: FTW!! You made my night. :)

I do that when I'm taking a shit. I get really bored. It hurts like a ******* bitch, though.

skyeyez9 24

drink lots of prune juice, then fart in his mouth when he's in a deep sleep.

while his sleeping shave alllll his hair. grab a newspaper then shit in his mouth.