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Today, hoping to avoid the rain because I had just gotten an expensive perm, I ducked under an awning. At that moment, the store manager shook the awning, and about 6 hours of rain dumped on my head. FML
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lilikawaii 6

You're not supposed to shower right after a perm. :( that sucks!

no, with perms, you can't get it wet for at least 24 hours else it will fall.


StopB1tchingYDI 0

wow this is fake wouldn't he c u or u c him

3- Maybe he did see her and decided to be mean.

BabyDacey 0

awwh that sucks for your hair

rosemary1990 0

I've gotten perms and nothing happens to it with rain. just take a shower you'll be fine :P

iSitt 0

when your smartphone gets wet power it off immediately. dry it then wrap in paper then store in uncooked rice for 48 hours. or else it will short circuit and you will have to pay hundreds for a new unsubed phone.

StopB1tchingYDI 0

this is fake there's no way they didn't c each other

dangitsalex 2

How could she possibly deserve this?

Xx_jESSii 3

Who cares about the perm you could always get another one, on the other hand i hope your phone is okay :) there to expensive to replace.

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46 it absorbs moisture. Are you trying to get a Bf on fml?

I like when fml wasn't a jailbait picture server...

#11 a perm is when u get ur hair curly like an Afro... it has to be done with like special wax and shit.

24 he couldve seen her but was mean. or he didnt even look. dumbass

71-umm no you dont get an afro you just get your hair really curly.

#71, you're totally wrong. Depending on the size of the curlers, it might even just be loose waves. That's what my mom got. Anything from tight curls to loose wave. All it is is a chemical that makes your hair stay in the position it was in when you got it, whatever that is. It's not wax. It's a liquid chemical. I've given and received perms many times. It also makes hair hold for longer if you straighten it, curl it, whatever.

ydi for being a shallow dumb bitch, man up and walk in the rain

amazingjane 0

# 83, I must say I kinda agree w/ u! how 1987 of u to have a perm. unless u are blk and u use them to straighten ur hair.

81-don't you have a life? your always correcting ppl and making a paragraph about how wrong they are, you FAIL.

HA! HAHAHAH! OH GOD. The hypocrisy! This is what, the 6th comment you've made talking about what comments I make? You're obviously on here as much as I am to see my comments and determine a pattern. And talk about having no life!!! You've attacked me MULTIPLE TIMES. It's hilarious how hypocritical your post is. You have nothing better to do than follow me, metaphorically, and rant and rave about my comments. My god, it's like I'm a celebrity!

Children, children, please no fighting.

Mrs_Mcgee 0

perm. is short for permanant waving. not the same as a relaxer #88. just so ya know. ;)

Lol. No worries, I don't take online stuff to heart. :)

FFML_314 11

Lol, coolasain you are so incredibly annoying. Intoxicunt, I enjoy your "rants." If you were just another moron, with no valid point in your arguement, I would find you annoying. Keep em' coming.

newnew8 0

I'd be pissed and make that guy pay for a new perm and phone

PokemonTyrant 0

CoolAsian isn't trying to Fly #101 ftw?? He's falling with style...

Thank you, FFML. It's nice to be appreciated. I've been told by a lot of people I entertain them, so that means I've touched people's lives! :D

KiddNYC1O 20

I for one, actually like ****.

FFML_314 11

Lol, I relate to a lot of things that you're saying! Hey people can call us bitches but, at least we're not mindless robots. People need to learn to not be followers and just have their own voice! Thanks goodguys.

*blush* :) Exactly! I might insult users on here and be very stubborn, but if you really read what I'm saying, I usually have a good point. And from what I've read so far, you do too. I hope to see more of your comments. :) But now, bedtime!

Raleigh_bruh 7

Pfft, Intoxicunt is okay I guess. -.0

FFML_314 11

Exactly. Thank you. Raleigh-Lol, hush. This is a discussion between woman. ;]

Raleigh_bruh 7

"Woman" implies there's only one of you talking. So, are you talking to yourself there kiddo? ;)

FFML_314 11

DAMN! *women. Lol, in all actuality though, she went to bed so therefor, I am talking to myself. Kiddo? Right. :P

#118 I was with you and what you were say intill you said and u have good points. it's a rough quoit but still when people give themselves credit like that's when I start losing respect for people. and I no your going to say I don't care about what people on the Internet or whatever but I was just letting you know for the future. :)

FFML_314 11

125-*until, *you, *quote, *know, *saying and *you're. I'm not even going to go into all of the other mistakes. Bring on the grammar nazi hatin trolls. ;] More people should be proud of themselves. If you're not then why should anyone else be? There's nothing wrong with being confident.

snoop dogg gets perms XD lol but yee.. yall write too much ^ ^ ^ justt STFU :O hahahaha

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sosoinlove09 0

no, perms are actually different for different people. it makes curly hair straight and straight hair curly

YDI for being stuck in the seventies or eighties. Wait!!! Is this FML from the seventies or eighties? Who gets a damn perm?!?!?

green_eyes124 0

hey Anna : p I'm so with you about being proud of yourself. bugs me when people aren't confident about themselves, but, then again I guess there's always the person that is too proud... eh, can't make everyone happy lol

FFML_314 11
honestlove11 0

you deserve it for getting a perm lol

green_eyes124 0

you guys should be thanking asians for prepairing meals out of rice

**** off racist prick he is a cool Asian cause all of us Asians are cool

You deserve it for having a perm. What's next week? A mullet?

babydacey- it looks like someone drew you in that picture. still cute tho ;) you remind me of tila tequila

BridgeMix 0

what's comment moderated mean?

eazyeeze 0

What a dumbass! Forecast said it was going to rain and you still got your hair did? YDI for being ignorant to Mother Nature

pop_a_squat 2

To clear up the confusion, the OP is black, and what a perm does to black hair is straighten it. The problem is, the second you get it wet, it returns to it's afroish state. If you get a perm in an African American hair salon, it can be pretty expensive (or so I think, that's what my black friends say, but my mom always just does mine lol).

meghaan0 0

88- obviously you have no clue about perms. First off, perms aren't always super curly, so it doesn't make them so "1987" or whatever. Peach rods can give just a mild wave in the hair. Second- relaxers are used to straighten hair, perm solution isn't very successful in straightening hair. I've been a hairstylist for 10 yrs. So do a little research next time, will ya?

lilmisslovely13 15

Where does it say anything at all about a phone?? I'm so confused!

nitaaxboo 0

no, with perms, you can't get it wet for at least 24 hours else it will fall.

My friend used to shower the same day she would get her perm and it always stayed. Unless she got a cheep one. So an expesive one should especially be able to survive that incident

Kiill3rQu33n16 0

the perm wouldn't stay if the person was African American. perms work on White people different than blacks.

And why would you assume my friend was white? She was actually African American.

Mrs_Mcgee 0

again I say, for u ladies, perm is permanant waving. the "perm" ur talkin about is called a relaxer, which u can get wet right after without consequence. opposite with perms.

oarisimo 4

43 you're a moron! when a black person gets a relaxer it does not "go away" if she gets her hair wet the same day! it breaks the bonds of the hair making it PERMANENTLY straight.

Virus963 5

Wouldn't you have said something to let him know you were under it? Plus, why would he shake it?

He shook it to dump the rain off, because it would have collapsed. Or he was just feeling mean.

lilikawaii 6

You're not supposed to shower right after a perm. :( that sucks!

Wouldn't he have said anything to u before shaking it ?

Mmmmm. Yeah, that rain was pretty bad too. Tons of it all.

you kinda look like david effelson in this picture...

what the hell is up with u # 12. 13 ur beautiful whats a perm.