By fark - 20/11/2014 20:45 - Ireland

Today, I slipped on a wet floor at the supermarket and busted my nose. It wouldn't be as embarrassing if I hadn't missed the "CAUTION: WET FLOOR" sign that I'd put there myself just 30 minutes earlier. FML
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It happens. Hopefully you didn't hurt the floor ...

Short term memory loss is a bitch.


It happens. Hopefully you didn't hurt the floor ...

the floor proves to be innocent

hopefully everyone "nose" the hazards of a wet floor! hahaha nose.. ha.

@43 You can go back to your corner now.

@45 my corner is very comfortable, it has a nice desk and computer. yeah. take that!

You must be new here #46

45 don't be a douche bag she's is welcome on my comment. You however are not funny or original.cheesy but funny is okay.

Short term memory loss is a bitch.

I mean come on, water you doing OP?

Rather slippery situation

You know what else is slipping? Your comment's vote count.

Well, water you gonna do about it?

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Things like that can easily escape your mind when you're paying attention to other things, fyl op

Also the fact that it was placed there 30 minutes ago. I would have assumed it would be dry after that time.

Pay more attention.

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Talk about not paying attention o.O

Good job Dory

Bitches be tripping

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Congrats 16, you're the first person on this site to incorrectly correct someone's grammar and get up voted.

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and then there's you #30.

Sorry OP, but that's just a huge fail. What did you do the night before to make you forget things like that? Get your nose fixed, I know it hurts... GL