By ms98 - 05/08/2014 04:52 - Australia - Adelaide

Today, I was shopping when I suddenly slipped on the wet floor and my basket and my groceries were flung everywhere. Moments later, one of the cleaners walked over holding a "wet floor" sign, saw me and laughed. FML
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askullnamedbilly 33

Being a cleaner is a legitimate job, you snob. Also, you have no idea what job OP has, or if they have one at all.


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askullnamedbilly 33

Being a cleaner is a legitimate job, you snob. Also, you have no idea what job OP has, or if they have one at all.

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I'm pretty sure people on benefits or just those who save or whatever can fill a basket with groceries. Baskets aren't that big and the items could've been really cheap. Plus the shop worker may not even have been a cleaner, they could've been a cashier or even a manager grabbing the sign to help out. But that's besides the point - all jobs are legitimate jobs. We need cleaners and retail workers and waiters as much as teachers and doctors and stuff. They all help the world go round (figuratively) and many of them work really hard. Don't be such a douche.

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don't complain if you happen to go into a dirty shop then #1. Being a cleaner is a legitimate job, and sometimes a hard one, I was a cleaner at one stage, laugh all you want at that, I'll laugh right back because at least I'm not an ass hole.

joemud 13

I clean for a living, I own the buisness.

Wow #1 you truly are a snob at least the janitor has a job and it pays the bills not everything in life is about money you need to grow up and take a hard look at your life and the way you see people because your way of thinking is just messed up.

blazerman_fml 17

#16 And I would like a Jet ski with Missiles and a flamethrower and Iron Man's Suit.Life doesn't just give you what you want.Respect everyone if there were no janitors it would be you who had to clean up after your own mess,Work is work.They are trying to provide for their family and helping out.Instead of waiting for life to hand them opportunities.Adapt or Perish.I learnt that the hard way.Disappointed by your attitude but can't complain.I used to be the same.All it takes is one life changing experience to get you back on track.

Janitors also make pretty good money. The janitors in my school district make more than the teachers. It's hard work though, especially when having to deal with snobs like #1.

And at least in America, college can put you in so much debt, a janitor job will seem like heaven. It's somewhat sad.

llamarrama01 21

You do realize a lot of cleaners are young adult trying to pay for college, right? And even if they are older, they're still doing the best they can.

Melodija 19

My mother was a cleaner for 4 years. She had finished university and is now an accountant and owns her own accounting firm. It's people like you #1 who complain that there are no jobs because you're to proud to do any job below your "standard"

Allornone 35

according to his profile, steveykinz is only 16. Though obviously i could be wrong, it's reasonable to assume he's never had to support himself before. Maybe once he gets a dose of reality, he'll realize how big of a jerk he sounds

At 16 I worked the drive-thru at mcdonalds and to this day I respect the hell out of people who wash floors, serve fast food, work a cash register or have any other "undesirable" jobs. Those people work their asses off. I have what you refer to as a real job now #1 but working the drive thru and cleaning mcdonalds bathrooms was the most difficult/demanding job I've ever had.

7 just because you go college does not mean you can't get a real job. Hard work is more of a real job in my eyes than sitting behind a computer

REALAfroninga 11

Hey idiot. Every kid wants to be a doctor, or an accountant. But doctors offices don just hire all the time. Do you realize there are hundreds of thousands of people working blue collar jobs with white collar degrees? Pharmacy is my favorite example. My buddy got his degree in pharmaceuticals and mí noted in some medicine oriented program. He works as a receptionist right now. He has interviews lined up, but right now, there's a surplus of pharmacists.

Dear #1, Go **** yourself. Sincerely, A theater employee who cleans up after the slobs with "legitimate jobs."

Just sue like Plankton did in that episode of Spongebob for that very reason xD

Dear 94 somebody is angry, but either way I'm happy I'm a "slob" and I'm not cleaning up after people for a living. The f word isn't fixing anything

Did you ever think for a moment that the people with jobs like that are: A. Still in college? B. Unable to land a job anywhere else despite having good credentials? Oh wait that would never cross the mind of someone who thinks that people who clean are lower lifeforms.

Or maybe they're still in High School & their parents taught their child responsibility at a young age as well as made them work for everything they got. Sincerely, Working since I was 14.

Why, I don't think OP was injured? People are so quick to want to try and draw up a lawsuit. OP might have been embarrassed for all of 30 seconds. You want them to sue for "emotional damages."

Respect101 17

..sorry I was going to comment something, but I just read down a bit and someone already commented. I don't know how to delete this comment. Alan! where are you! if you could delete this that'd be great!

I agree that there no reason to sue, but I think he just meant there may be a lawsuit in the future if this happens on a regular basis and a sign isn't put out before the person starts cleaning, like it should be. If the person always waits till after the floor has been mopped to put out the sign then somebody may get seriously hurt and then sue.

amayasoma 19

What if it were someone else? Like a pregnant woman or an elderly or just someone with a weak back or such.. OP doesn't have to sue but make it aware to someone that someone else could be severely hurt by this.

kristabelli 19

Not a lawsuit, but a definite firing. That employee needs to go.

He would be sued for having a sense of humor?

OP can sue for a slip and fall. Some people fake it for money, but since OPs case is legit, OP should sue

kristabelli 19

No 69, he would be fired for disrespecting a paying customer, and for NOT making sure the customer was okay after his negligence caused the customer to fall, dipshit.

kristabelli 19

And if he WAS sued it would be because his negligence in getting the warning sign up quickly enough resulted in a customer getting injured through no fault of their own.

Sorry OP but it could have been worse, (Broken arm, leg, ect) But if your really mad about it just talk to the manager.

I wouldn't listen to number 2. I hope you didn't hurt yourself and I'd probably give that cleaner a cussing. However, I wouldn't sue it seems to be everyone's goto nowadays.

Money for incompetence? Eventually somebody will really get hurt and cash out, might as well be the one to get paid.

blazerman_fml 17

Yeah agreed.But some people misuse the whole process and do it just to earn a couple of extra bucks.If I does hurt you then its understandable.But if it is nothing like in this case why sue?Negligence shouldn't be taken lightly but a honest mistake that doesn't cause harm shouldn't always be punishable.

Yeah if you got hurt then it's understandable. But if you get up and everything's fine you should say something and get the problem fixed. But suing that's the wrong way to handle things unless the situation permits it. Why is it in today's society most peoples first instinct is to sue?

My guess would be it's one of the few things that you can do to really **** someone over and not get in trouble for.

Don't take much offense to them! At least you can afford groceries!

That's sad. It's part of their job to help you... I hope you spoke to their manager.

If Your not Hurt just pick yourself up write a suggestion about maybe having the cleaner bringing the wet floor sign before they mop it and continue on with your day

said cleaner may have been there to clean up a spill, can't just assume it was their fault, probably just bad luck. still shouldn't have laughed at op though

If it were me I would leave everything I spilled for them to pick up. And make a complaint. Ouch.