By Karin - / Saturday 13 August 2011 20:29 / Germany
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  flockz  |  19

dont feel bad op, people have said that my face resembles that of jaba the hut. so take your rollie poliie self and start melting, but sadly i cant fix this shit.

  Bobissmall  |  13

It's funny how many people bashing minecraft play Call of Duty or some other game which is generally considered terrible and played by no-lifers.

Most minecraft players i know are casual gamers, go figure.


I'm wondering why OP would have an overly bulbous head and perfectly rounded body which is perfectly divided into 3 distinct sections. As mean as this sounds, not even fat can be molded like that.

  st0815  |  9

Well, hair dressers like short hair - it needs more frequent cutting so they earn more money. Most women look better with long hair though.

  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

114- can't decide if ur trolling bc I have to post a pointless comment to get help of what I'm doing wrong for my FMLs not going up

131- smd I don't watch cartoons and just bc u see I'm 15 does not mean I watch cartoons so fuck off

  Xx_Dakota_xX  |  1

It's out of curiosity and posting FMLs seem important to everyone else my comment is to get tips or whatever on how to get a FML posted which makes it not pointless so ur opinion differs from mine

By  palahniukpaul  |  6

You deserve it for having a boys hair cut.

  ImmaB3AST  |  7

26- I literally looked at the dudes profile pic and started laughing at how HE can make fun of anyone. His only girlfriend was probably a snow woman that he created for his own personal needs. And to your pic... "IMMA FIRIN' MY LASER CANNON!" :D

  MrsDruidess  |  23

really its not the cut, they jusy dont look good on fat girls. I would love a short cut, but am too chunky to pull it off. Sadly too many fat people have short hair.

  unclepester  |  0

Ok, your name is anorexicbarbie, and they said either someone very skinny " OR" an Asian. So the mere fact that you announce "I'm not Asian" shows us how full of fail you are.

Might as well just say "I'm a window licker"