By Karin - 13/08/2011 20:29 - Germany

Today, after a week of sporting what I thought was a flattering pixie cut, I realised that without my long hair, my body shape closely resembles a snowman's. FML
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Sweej 1

You deserve anything bad that happens to you in life for making such a ridiculous face. It's like a duck face gone wrong.


flockz 19

dont feel bad op, people have said that my face resembles that of jaba the hut. so take your rollie poliie self and start melting, but sadly i cant fix this shit.

Do you play Minecraft? Could explain why you're so white.

LiveLaughFML 10

thumpity, thump thump thumpity, thump thump look at OP go! thumpity, thump thump thumpity, thump thump over the hills of snow :D

Pixxio_O 11

So you don't have legs and have stick thin arms... Fyl

blanquito 1

How would your hair change that?

andy_l 14

Snowmen are huggable, therefore people will see you as approachable.

It's funny how many people bashing minecraft play Call of Duty or some other game which is generally considered terrible and played by no-lifers. Most minecraft players i know are casual gamers, go figure.

jAjAjAjAjA iTz YuHRR fAuLt 4 g3tTiN a bOiis hAiRCuT iN da 1st plAc3!!!!!!!!!!

ImmaB3AST 7
SoccerRebel594 0

I'm wondering why OP would have an overly bulbous head and perfectly rounded body which is perfectly divided into 3 distinct sections. As mean as this sounds, not even fat can be molded like that.

skyeyez9 24

Hahaha, reading that made me feel like I am 8yrs old again, and watching Frosty the Snowman cartoon on CBS christmas special.

wow #102 do yourself a favour and never type on the internet again D: Yes i spelt favour correctly for all you grammar nazi's from USA

Well, hair dressers like short hair - it needs more frequent cutting so they earn more money. Most women look better with long hair though.

Somehow, I don't think it was the hair...

if you think about it snowmen are like curvy, so wouldn't that mean that OP is just curvy, and being curvy is not a bad thing all the time.

Sweej 1

Hopefully not Frosty, cause he's shaped WEIRD!

I usually do not like fat jokes, but that was hilarious!

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

How come I can't get my FMLs posted??? 17 got rejected :| idk what I'm doing wrong tho

SoccerRebel594 0

Posting so many pointless FMLs and stupid comments like the one you just posted, that's why Dakota.

Eggers 2

no matter how many times I see it, your picture still makes me giggle uncontrollably

96 - "Today, I couldn't get off to cartoons," does not count as an FML.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

114- can't decide if ur trolling bc I have to post a pointless comment to get help of what I'm doing wrong for my FMLs not going up 131- smd I don't watch cartoons and just bc u see I'm 15 does not mean I watch cartoons so **** off

SoccerRebel594 0

I definitely was not trolling, I promise you that. You don't ask stupid shit like that.

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

It's out of curiosity and posting FMLs seem important to everyone else my comment is to get tips or whatever on how to get a FML posted which makes it not pointless so ur opinion differs from mine

lol hope it grows fast. Or winter comes first.

Or that her hairdresser does extensions !

Wigs, man. They'll come pretty useful if you need them.

palahniukpaul 6

You deserve it for having a boys hair cut.

You deserve anything bad that happens to you in life for making such a ridiculous face. It's like a duck face gone wrong.

ImmaB3AST 7

26- I literally looked at the dudes profile pic and started laughing at how HE can make fun of anyone. His only girlfriend was probably a snow woman that he created for his own personal needs. And to your pic... "IMMA FIRIN' MY LASER CANNON!" :D

daysgoby902 6

why do you people find the need to be so rude to someone to someone you don't even know? you'll learn once you grow up...

lakeybalboa 0

67--- It's FML. Everybody's either sarcastic, judgmental or a total bitch.

or all of the above and rarely they are nice by which they get raped by thumb downs and stepped on until they stop commenting.

candyaddict54 3

exactly! you can't expect people to be nice around here.

WTF, boys hair cut? Dude, look at your face. ******* duck stuffed in rice. ugly twat

daysgoby902 6

I understand that but it's no reason to be that rude to someone about there personal features

ur an idiot. pixie cuts are for women stupid

74 - Not all pixie cuts are ugly on women. There's actually a good-looking celebrity with a pixie cut. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of that actress...

glorialaura21 8

Who are you to tell women what they're supposed to look like anyways?

jk9037 0

146- Are you thinking of Emma Watson?

I agree,just like boys shouldn't have long hair.girls have long hair and boys have short hair.that's how it is and how it should be

67- you're "grown up" is that? you enjoy your apple juice.

67- lol. welcome to the Internet. **** or gtfo.

Facepalm isn't enough here. Meet facedesk

really its not the cut, they jusy dont look good on fat girls. I would love a short cut, but am too chunky to pull it off. Sadly too many fat people have short hair.

MrBoredGuy 1

Ah shit should there be two w's? I'm all sorts of confused, thanks

alex6946 10

It looks so confusing! D: snowoman! Snowwoman doesn't look right either.. :o

twinkletoes747 16

Aha. When I first read it, I pronounced it snow-o-man. Maybe I should wake up a little before reading fml.

Well a pixie cut really only looks good on a very slender body or an Asian... But I bet you're not cold and unfriendly like a snow man :D

I'm not Asian and I still rock the pixie cut!

Ok, your name is anorexicbarbie, and they said either someone very skinny " OR" an Asian. So the mere fact that you announce "I'm not Asian" shows us how full of fail you are. Might as well just say "I'm a window licker"

mgsoloist 14

Mmm those curves...* I don't know where you got sexy from.

Nevitt 9

goober you obviously don't know what curves are,

Just look at 115's picture.... Soo... Sexy..... Mmmmm.... -drool-

giggleprincess 0

Admit it, pooh bear made you smile

enonymous 8

With a Corn cob pipe and a button nose and 2 eyes made out of coal... I thought it was a dead give away