By Anonymous - 20/07/2011 04:26 - New Zealand

Today, I slipped and fell in mud while running from the car to inside to avoid getting wet in a torrential downpour. I was running from the limo, in my wedding dress, to the church for my wedding. FML
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GtheGringo 3

haha sorta like bridesmaids, except its mud not shit


That's just a horrible moment. to walk in to your own wedding covered in mud. and be late at the same time. Gotta feel sorry for her.

He's probably assuming, based either on the fact that she was running, or that if she fell in mud in her dress, she would have to get cleaned up and then end up being late due to that.

Um, not to be an ass or anything...but in which part of this FML did OP say she was late for her wedding?

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Well actually the bride is the only one allowed to be late at her wedding - so there is no shame. But poor woman to walk in, covered in mud!

48, not necessarily, the 'Today' part of an FML is added by default. Most FML's aren't even posted on the day they occur anyway when you think about moderation times and all other factors.

jamie72596 9

Maybe it's just not meant to be...

It's entirely plausible that OP did have an umbrella with her -- they don't completely prevent getting wet in 'torrential downpours,' where we can assume that the wind was blowing the rain around, too.

That's a... Rainy... Situation...? No? Alright I'll shut up now... :/

wedding dresses are disasters waiting to happen. it's hard not to trip when you have 5 meters of lace trailing behind you

MrFlintstone 5

tuff it was ether rain making her white dress see through and giving everyone a show or running and slipping in the mud. next time look at the weather predictions before a important day

2ndSucks 15

95- have you ever tried to plan around the weather? If so, you'd know that the forecasts aren't always right and are subject to change. Especially for an event planned months ahead of time.

are you ******* serious? weddings are generally planned months in advance how could she have possibly known? I hope you're a troll otherwise you're a true oxygen thief.

adropofpeace 8

I would be so upset if this happened to me. You should have had someone carry you in. You are, after all, the princess of the day.

itsgen 16

I hate fmls like this :/ I wish we could know what happened next

Jojo08_fml 0

38? the last part of the fml dumb shit

A similar thing happened to my aunt. there were forest fires nearby, and therefore smoke everywhere. It was raining, so the raindrops got filled with the shit thats in smoke and turned her dress grey.

122, I read the FML several times just to make sure, and I saw no mention of her being late, dumb shit. Get your own shit straight before you criticize others.

WellThatSucksMaj 0

well thats awful :/ but best of luck with your marriage :)

it's hard not to trip if you're walking backwards. but no one usually does that.

yeah congratulations for falling in the mud clumsy ass bitch

there is a jeweler locally that has a deal if it rains on your wedding day, the engagement ring is free, so maybe yours had a clause like that too? make a rainy wedding better?

bpell15 5

42 that's a little harsh. I mean it probably sucked. but it's not her fault. congratulations on getting married. hope everything went well after that.

I agree, congrats. But hey jessica, it says feel free to message me on your profile, but how do i message you?! P.S. is that you in the picture?!!

Congratulations on your marriage!:) and sorry about your dress. FYL:(

gabe2014 0

say it's a new fashion that you want to try :)

for the Jessica1002 I wonder why there was so many thumbs down on your comment lol but I agree with you!

What's with the picture? Naked much...

KingOfOreos 0

it's nature telling you he's not right for you

yeah.. or perhaps it was slippery outside

wow all these thumbs down must be nature telling you that you aren't right for FML

ThatLovelyGeek 0

I think he means that nature is sending a sin that the marriage isn't meant to be?

WoAhAnNa123 0

im wondering how there wasnt an umbrella..

awww that sux..... but congratulations:)

an event that you will never forget. wish you and your husband a great relationship and future.

GtheGringo 3

haha sorta like bridesmaids, except its mud not shit

GtheGringo 3

awe you said film! are you british?

yes i am british.. What did you mean by bridesmaids?

I'm Canadian and I say film... Also, Bridesmaids is the funniest film I've ever seen I think.

Lol i know its sooooo funny!! The fat woman was the funniest tho :L And the part on the plane is hilarious

not really, the marriage is more important than the ceremony

what brought you to thinking running on a slippery ground with a wedding dress was a good idea?

probably the same thought that brought her to walking through the rain with a wedding dress on and no umbrella

Did you even read the fml she ran because if she walked she'd be soaked. Also she probably didnt want to be late for her OWN wedding pay attentention before you comment on someone's fml

In a 'torrential downpour' there is usually a lot of wind blowing the rain around. She could have had an umbrella, and it wouldn't have done any good.

MhrxSpear0809 0

yeahh but how about you change at church the smart thing !

Change into what on your wedding day? not too smart.

typically the bride goes to a room at the church to put on the gown and get ready... how many brides do you see taking a taxi to the wedding location in their dress

That sucks, your dress must be ruined. ;o

But it's not as if she's going to need it again! Congratulations anyway! Hope the rest of your day was wonderful. Your next task will be to learn to use photoshop!

If it had been on the way OUT of the church it wouldn't be a problem.. I'd take it as a sign though, he's clearly not the one :p

cimh 9

Why should it be a sign that he is not the right one? How many relationships break where the wedding day was just peachy perfect?

cimh 9

You are not the only one saying that it was a sign! So consider it as a answer to all the others who didn't joke about it!