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Today, I found out the real cause of what I assumed was a healthy increase in my teenage daughter's appetite lately. Some fine young gentlemen with a fat fetish convinced her start gaining weight so they could jack off to her. FML
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xmislysx 10

well shit. why do I keep trying to lose weight then? ?


CallMeWindSock 24

Go tell mr chubby chaser to find himself a new cow.

You look like you're around maybe 13 and trying to tell someone to "find himself a new cow."

Yaaaaahhhh maybe word it differently so you're not calling the poor girl a cow?

it seems that everyone else can say what they want to, but because my views lean tiwards conservative, im always miderated. **** this site, I wont be back

xmislysx 10

well shit. why do I keep trying to lose weight then? ?

Better yet. lots of people like being big. love on those girls instead. ain't gotta change people. just pick a different person. no reason to lose weight for image. if you're gonna do it, do it because health. always try and love yourself. I say all this, but I too have the same issue.

toouglytoselfie 6

Because healthy is always better.

Because you want to be healthy, live past 40-50 and and be their for your loved ones. Love your body by taking good care of it, you only get one.

ShirtlessWonder 17

Being slightly overweight/chubby isn't really unhealthy. Obesity is a different matter, but a bit of fat on you can actually be healthy for some body types. For instance, my dad is pretty fat (don't think he would be considered obese though) and from what he eats I have no doubt in my mind that he is the healthiest person I know (besides drinking a little bit too much).

And even if you aren't obese you can be unhealthy. Some people are just lucky and naturally thin, but eat junk food and don't work out.

xmislysx 10

me?! thank you :) trust me, I don't get told that very often lol

contrary to common belief, being overweight isn't sysnonymous with being unhealthy

Being overweight is unhealthy. This means having a BMI (body mass index) of 18.5-24. Yes, you can still be chubby in that range if you don't have a low body fat percentage (meaning your extra weight is fat and not muscle). But out of that BMI range, in the overweight range (25-30 BMI) is unhealthy and and obese range (30+) that is when it is very damaging to your health.

If they eat junk food, that is eating unhealthy yes, but they don't eat enough calories to put on weight. There is no such thing as naturally thin, we all have to potential to gain and loose weight, it's called thermodynamics.

It is actually, being overweight puts the body through stress in dealing with extra weight it was not intended to deal with, that is why we call it "overweight". If someone is metabolically heathy and overweight, that just means the body is a very complex machine and is trying its best to keep up for now. But if you give a machine bad fuel, it won't last or function as well as it could.

countdini2000 13

You have obviously never met a naturally thin person, I personally know 3. One of them will eat an entire pizza for lunch with an order of breadsticks, and a 2L of coke and sometime still be hungry but he is locked at 150 pounds, another is 100 pounds and she eats like a horse, she is always eating, and you should see her at a all you can eat buffet, but it is impossible for her to gain weight. And the third one eats like 4 packets of ramen noodles for breakfast while we were in college and he gained nothing, nothing whatsoever. And then you have me, I barely eat, I do drink more Pop than I need, I don't like sweets but I still can't lose any weight.

Even if you see them eat a large meal, they are still burning enough calories to not go over their TDEE (amount of calories needed per day to maintain weight without exercise). And if they can eat more calories then their TDEE and not gain weight, then you need to let a scientist know right away because your friends discovered how to break the laws of physics and create energy out of nothing.

tarlax 11

It's not that it offended anyone, it's that it makes no goddamn sense in the context of the FML. It's a fat fetish, not **********.

I was implying something different but whatever

tarlax 11

I was going to comment asking if you actually know anything about bronies, but clearly the answer is no. Not only because it makes zero sense on this post, but also because most bronies are into the show because the animation and music are better than in most cartoons and because the stories are cute. Most bronies are not into weird cartoon horse ****. It's just better known within the show than in most. Look up any other cartoon with dirty words attached, and I guarantee there is nasty "art" with those characters. I only get away with liking MLP because I'm a female 3rd grade teacher. Sad how people judge others based on liking a CARTOON. At least my 3rd graders (who have autism, by the way) know better than to dislike people or be mean to them simply because of their preferences in TV shows. Ridiculous to even bring it up.

You're right. I made a mistake and I was trying to apologize for it, but I guess that's a bad thing.

Not excusing a studip question, but he's implying she'd be fat as a horse, I assume. but that doesn't make her a "my little pony" character, so...

why do people actually go through with what people like this ask? She wasn't doing it to get with a guy, but merely just so they could jack off to her. Does it make them feel hotter to have someone doing that when they look at them or...??? I don't understand the world

tarlax 11

Eh, just ask any male commenter with a shirtless profile pic or any female commenter that has their cleavage in the middle of their pic. I'm sure they have the answer to that.

Why are you so surprised? She's probably lonely with a negative self image and is easily manipulated. Low self esteem is an epidemic among girls of all ages.

I can understand that it turns some people on when others (they find attractive) jack of while looking at them. And of course it makes one feel attractive, I don't see what's bad about that in general. Yet, changing one's appearance just to please others is never good, no matter if it's for sex or "just" being jerked off to.

Well these fine young gentlemen are going get a nice surprise from you I bet.

You really need to get a grip on this problem

Is the daughter the problem or the two guys? Getting a grip on either sounds a tad sketchy...

Why the hell would she go with that? Did they try to manipulate her with the "fat pride" movement or something?

Teenagers will do anything for acceptance.