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  TheOptimist  |  0

Cashiers are supposed to be friendly, and florist are usually more friendly than the average cashier. There is no FML in this, she made a mistake, and when you corrected her, she laughed at her mistake and appologized.

By  Eiotlrd  |  0

I'm guessing they weren't red roses.

Girls know flowers better than you.

1. Do your research
2. Don't under or over do it

Flowers are a great place to score points, but also easy to lose em.

  SeriousJoker72  |  18

Am I the only girl on the planet who thinks flowers are a dumb gift? It's like, 'oh here's a beautiful flower let me sever it by the neck and present it's corps to a pretty girl'

By  daffyduck69  |  0

"today i was working at a flourist when a 12 yr old kid was getting flowers. I asked him if it was for his mom and he said no a girl i like. Hes so sensitive he started crying sn whining and wrote an FML about expecting ppl to pitty him. FHL"

Stop being so senditive and get a life.