By Alex Andreas / Thursday 2 July 2015 03:10 / United States - Edmond
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Ok? Did anyone notice this FML seemed kinda mad? Like that he was mad at the lizard. "little shit", "bastard". He killed it... why is he mad? Unless he is mad that his sister is mad at him?? So he is mad at the lizard... wtf? lol

By  quickit  |  24

OP you're a coldblooded murderer.

  ochaa28  |  19

literally lol

  Leenah_93  |  11

I don't know what's with all the downvotes. When #31 said "literally" she meant the lizard (they're cold blooded), though OP didn't really mention anything about the lizard's death so...

  amanda182  |  19

..if you told your little sister you ran over her pet she would be devastated. It's better to let her think he just escaped.. Then it's more of a mystery, instead of hey your pet just got chopped up by the lawn mower.

  amanda182  |  19

If she finds out years from now she'd be older and more mature. She'd probably laugh at the situation. I have a 5 year old niece and if I told her I ran her pet over with a lawn mower she would be pissed


#55 What kind of fucked up logic do you use? Even years from now she probably wouldn't laugh about her pet getting ripped to shreds by a lawn mower unless she's extremely fucked up. To most normal people, this situation would be horrible even years down the road...

By  DocBastard  |  38

Reptiles are not pets. My brother had a "pet" snake growing up, and I can't even count the number of times I wish I could have run over that evil fucker with a lawnmower. The snake, not the brother. Although my brother was pretty evil too. Fuck reptiles.

  leogachi  |  15

Why aren't they pets? Just because you don't like them? I hate snakes, too, but to tell someone else that they shouldn't have one because "they aren't pets" is absurd.

  zeffra13  |  30

Any animal you keep in your house, feed, and let's you pet/hold it and maybe even play with, is a pet. They're not always domesticated but it still counts. There is always personality variation too. For example, no one would doubt me saying I had a hamster for a pet, even though it would always bite me if I got near it (though that's because it's nocturnal and I could only be around it during the day and it never adjusted to that).

  Abhinow  |  7

totally agree. reptiles nd big cats r not meant to be pet. the probability of harm from them is highest. they dont share same world view with us. yet some ignorant ppl will go on risking their n other ppls life by having these creatures as pet

  writerchic85  |  25

I've had a tegu for 10 years. She was less than a foot long when I got her and she's now 4 feet long. And I've have a turtle for 22 years and a snake since last April. I love them.

  confibula  |  3

I have had lizards for about 4 years. they are amazing pets. in the entire time I have owned them I have only gotten bitten once, and that's only because I was hand feeding her and she bit my finger by mistake.

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