By parentalfail - 25/12/2009 18:19 - United States

Today, my parents told me they're getting a divorce. However, they asked me not to tell any of the family so that the news doesn't spoil Christmas. Thanks, Mom and Dad. FML
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Of course, your son doesn't count as family *facepalm*


#1 said it all....ouch man....just ouch...

@OP run away!!!

On the plus side, you get pity looks from some of your friends.. And you know have ppl to blame when you feelin' down.. But seriously, FYL.. And FML.. I know how you feel.. Except I didn't really know my Dad while they were married.. He was a truck driver and we only saw him 1 or 2 days a week.. I was about 6 when they split.. He wouldn't know the first thing about parenting, anyway.. I suspect the condom broke 3 times.. And 4 times with a different woman (before he met my mother)..

LOOOOOOL suck a parr

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I hate you.

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That kinda sucks :/ I'm sorry about it, they shouldn't have told you on CHRISTMAS. Sorry :/ but i mean, if you're a grown man, you had a good childhood WITH them, right?

Really? Tell your child about a divorce on CHRISTMAS? That's worse then telling them before. OP got off lucky compared to that...

AWEE im soooo sorry :(

aw.... thats horrible... y would they tell u that on christmas?

More like, why do it at all? I know it's necessary sometimes, but it never makes it hurt any less.

aw man that sucks

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this pretty much sums it up

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Of course, your son doesn't count as family *facepalm*

He/she might not be a adult the youngest you can be allowed to is 13 I'm 13 so yea

...Allowed to what?

Allowed to post on FML, I guess? Incomplete sentence for the loss.

awful.. sorry to hear that ):