By f*ck - 06/03/2015 17:41 - Australia - Reynella

Today, I saw my boss heading my way at work. He has a "no food in the office" policy, so I quickly scarfed down my Pop-Tart. I ended up choking on it so hard that I threw up. FML
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Hopefully that's the only thing you've choked on at the office.

Was it worth it? I say yes... especially if it was a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart.


Axelo 11

Well at least you didn't got caught eating it

He may have been caught, it doesn't sound like he chewed very throughly. The pop tart chunks were probably pretty incriminating.

Don't you mean incrumbinating? I'm so sorry

This actually happened to me the other day so I feel your pain OP. Pop Tarts really get stuck without any drink with it. But on the bright side at least you didn't get in trouble!

Yep, I'm sure it was pretty discreet.

I missed the throw up part. Sorry guys. My bad! lol

Yeah, I have truly failed with this comment. I will accept the down votes haha.

I gave you an upvote out of pity. Also, I laughed.

Thanks. I'm actually laughing at my own comment. Haha

If it had been a s'less pop tart, he wouldn't be in this situation.

Was it worth it? I say yes... especially if it was a brown sugar cinnamon pop tart.

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But hot fudge sundae is the best pop tart flavor!

I'm boring I guess. Just good ol strawberry mmmm

I use to love a frozen Oreo flavor poptart

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That has to be really gross coming back up

Ugggh, wild berry pop-tarts, awwwlll day meng. Cookies and cream is pretty sweet too! Just hide and snack, OP. Most moms do it, you can too. xD

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look your missing the important swallowed it nd jst delt with the consequences kind of

Wow can you say oink oink? Eat before or know where to hide better. Geez

You need to practice shoving things down your throat.