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By newhostess - 11/04/2009 16:12 - United States

Today, I was training for my new job at a restaurant. As part of training, they give you free food so you know what to recommend, and the dish I got was really good. Eight hours later I saw it again while I was puking. I got food poisoning from my own workplace. FML
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No no you're looking at this all wrong. Now you know exactly what to recommend to that asshole obnoxious customer...

klutzywriter 0

Time to find a new job. You'd get fired anyway. "What do you recommend?" You: "Nothing! This place sucks!!! Run while you still can!!!"


perfectwinds 0

I'd quit right there. Ick.

Well I guess you now know what NOT to recommend:)

perfectwinds 0

I would quit if I were you. That's an awful first impression.

KwitIt 0

Ouch! How do you recommend the food after that? I'm so sorry! FYL!

lifeislife_fml 0

Agh that sucks! Ooh and I commented pretty early...

I agree with #1, I would quit.

housemd1120 0

That sucks. I would quit

I would grow some balls, take the paycheck, and not eat their fucking food? Forgot where it's required to eat the food you serve...

I thought waiters recommend the expensive food or the food no one's ordered?

BluEG0pher 0

ouch.. i know how that feels

Aflacduck 0


I would've quit. It'll probably be closed down in the imminent future.