By cheekymac - United Kingdom
Today, I was at the airport baggage collection when I saw an old man struggling to get his very old and heavy suitcase off the belt before giving up. I had already collected my bag, but wanting to be helpful, the old man watched me as I grabbed his handle, yanked and snapped it clean off. FML
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By  callmeb  |  0

FYL? Try this on...

"Today, I was at the airport trying to get my very heavy luggage off the luggage belt, when some idiot came by and yanked the handle off of it. FML."

YDI for trying to turn his major FML into your own minor FML.

By  The_Disturbed  |  5

YDI for trying to "yank" a heavy bag. Yes, the handles are made for a fair amount of weight, but they still break if you're too forceful.
And #5, I see you watch RWJ on YouTube.

  sourgirl101  |  28

I don't think that's how the saying goes, but I understand what you're trying to write.

Poor old man. Probably carrying his cremated dead wife's body in that suitcase.-