By chocolateninja22 - United States - Tucson
Today, I was at my job as a bagger in a grocery store when I felt the intense need to shit. On my way to the bathroom, an elderly customer insisted I go with her to find an item she needed, despite my telling her exactly where it was and that I was in a hurry. I didn't make it back to the bathroom. FML
chocolateninja22 tells us more :
OP here - I'd like to say it's funny how the first ever fml I posted got here, but anyway. As a point of clarification, the grocery store I work in is kind of like a Walmart, but more centered around food with a bit of clothes and shit like that. Basically the store is fucking huge. It's not unlikely to be able to walk the store and not see another employee on the floor who would be able to help. And what she needed was on the opposite side of the store to the bathroom. Yeah....luckily I only told my manager and she let me go home and clocked me out so I could just ditch. I haven't gotten any looks from coworkers so I may be in the clear
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  catherinecas  |  30

Telling them they had to take a shit might be a firing offense, but telling to either wait or find someone else wouldn't get them in trouble.
I've had to do the bathroom sprint before and my customers were super understanding.


#10 if you've never worked retail, the customer always comes first. I've peed my pants before because a customer asked me to do something or show them were an item is. I've been written up for telling a customer I had to go to the bathroom and directing them to someone else that could help them. That's why retail work sucks.