By why me? - 06/09/2014 04:25 - United States - Tulsa

Today, my roommate decided that because she has an oral report due, she's going to scream at the top of her lungs until she loses her voice to get out of it. It's been two hours and she refuses to stop. FML
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At least when she's done you won't be able to hear any more of her stupid ideas for awhile... Sorry OP.

Time for a new roommate.


Time for a new roommate.

Why does this remind me of the time majin boo screamed to open a portal through the hyperbolic time chamber

Ok but honestly that's a pretty ingenious plan

almightyteapot 8

Oh god, your picture made me read that as Clarksons voice. That smirk makes it even worse.

Yuck. I absolutely abhor public speaking. Instead of trying to lose her voice, why doesn't she just fake it? She is only delaying the inevitable.

Time to call the po po

pandasaresocute 21

You should scream at her at the top of your lungs until she stops :)

Or her roommate could fake losing her voice...that's a lot easier

At least when she's done you won't be able to hear any more of her stupid ideas for awhile... Sorry OP.

itstrishabtw 13

at least we all now know who's gonna be good with deep throating

I don't know about yourself, but I don't scream when I deep throat.

fail at being a pervert

I'd invest in a good set of headphones

Immature roommate!

I'd try to throw things in her mouth until she stopped

Ihavegas 22

or a punch in the throat works well

I think a less violent course of action should do the trick #15

Throwing stuff in her mouth os damgerous too. what if she choked

Ihavegas 22

shovel a ladle full of cinnamon and chilli powder in her mouth. hows that for non violence.

As she screams, quickly stuff a dirty sock into her mouth then scream at her to shut up and do her report.

And if she doesn't stop video tape her and threaten to tell her teacher that she did it all on purpose.

His/her roommate, should grow up, and just face the consequences

noise canceling headphones. a must for any annoying roommate.

why not save some money and slap that moron?

Probably a good idea to stay at a friends house for a whilr

Oops I mean while