By Fortunato_18 - 02/12/2013 06:18 - United States

Today, my 5-year-old decided that it would be a great idea to try to paint her nails in secret. As a result, I now get to learn how to remove copious amounts of dark nail polish from a wide variety of materials, including my apartment's 1/2-inch thick shag rug. FML
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Just a couple of points I wanna touch on: 1) the shag rug: haha not my choice! It came with my apartment, where the rug is one of the least awful things about it. 2) I know I should have had the nail polish out of reach, but we were planning on painting my daughters nails as soon as one of us got the chance. She's never done anything like that before so I didn't think to lock it up. We did have a chat about it though, and it hasn't been an issue since (this happened a few weeks ago) 3)Thank you for the removal tips! Hopefully I can find one that works :)


Maybe OP is sure lucky this FML got posted because someone wi suggest something that works...and maybe that's paint thinner, idk. Good luck!

Doesn't work. Been there done that. Lighten/smears the color but doesn't take care of it.

I guess you could still have a 1/4 inch shag rug..

Looks like you have a painter in the family!!

JocelynKaulitz 28

She must definitely be a rising star in the artistic community

I think it's time to keep the nail polish up high.

my mom knows that feeling... when I was your daughters age I had glitter nail polish all over the carpet, couch, and ultimately ruined the coffee table with nail polish remover

JMichael 25

Ah but you were young and didn't know any better.

Your best bet is to learn to love your new carpet colour. That shit NEVER comes out.

T9FTW 20

He's right. You should just buy a new one. Maybe buy a new daughter while you're at it.

When I was little, my mom said: "Don't paint your nails alone." I did. When I was little, my sisters said: "Don't touch my nail polish." I did. And I spilled it all over the counter. Invest in a lot of polish remover and a gas mask for the fumes!

DanShowsNoMercy 13

Maybe you should paint her nails for her so she doesn't have to?

I wouldn't recommend it. Nail polish is really unhealthy, especially for kids (and pregnant women) since it gets into your bloodstream via your nails and it's full of nasty things like phthalates. There are safer nail polishes but they chip off really easily.

jazzy_123 20

52, and that's why you need to learn from this FML and be prepared. With that mentality I wouldn't be surprised if you went through this same situation. I'm not saying "screw the kids health" but little girls like getting pampered too every once in a while.

@64 So you're saying if I had a kid, they would get into nail polish anyways because I wouldn't paint their nails? I don't even own nail polish. I was just saying that it's worse for you the younger you are. Colour her nails with washable markers if you have to if she really wants to feel "pretty" or something.

ZY1431 24

my daughter's the same with any writing utensil. she goes all over the place.